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Hi all. I've been on copaxone now for about 4 years, apart from some nasty side effects right at the start I've been perfectly ok on it.
However, i used to be one of those people who hardly ever caught anything whilst everyone around me succumbed, or if i did i threw it off really quickly, now i seem to catch everything going.
I hadn't had antibiotics since childhood but this season I've had them for chest, throat,sinus, blood infections and I've caught cold after cold and now a bloody ear infection :D .
My query is has onyone else on copaxone had these problems?
It would be nice to know before i see my neuro later in the year.
Many thanks, L.
Hi lolly

I have been on copaxone since August.
Prior to this I was on rebif but had to give it up as I had a reaction to it that according to my neurologist he had never witnessed or experienced.

The reason I am telling you this is when I was on rebif it completely stopped my immune system from catching anything.
This was quite scary looking back now the fog has lifted.

I have had a bad flu/virus for the past two weeks that my partner brought home from work.
We are both please God coming out of it.
I don't know if this is of any help to you!
Let me know if there is any specifics you are looking for, I would be more than happy to answer!


Be kind to yourselves!
MS for six years, Copaxone for the last three, havn't had to use Antibiotics since dx and very rarely get ill, only really get one cold a year, if that!

Thanks for replying guys.
Yep, as i say i never used to get anything and now wham! :).
Just wondered really if anyone on copax had started to have probs or if i was just having a run of bad luck.
I know there was no point asking neuro as he would have said no, just as he said the side effects i had at very start no one on copaxone had even though there are lots of reports online of people getting them.
Anyway, thanks again for replying. Hopefully with spring here I'll be able to throw everything off and be bouncing up the fields with the lambs :D . L x
Yes! I am having the same thing. I got about 15 colds since starting Copaxone last June! I am now in my third period of pregnancy and I have been sick for a month. A recurring cold turned into a sinus infection and now an eye infection. It’s terrible. My immune system can’t get rid of this virus that my daughter and husband got over in a matter of days. I am considering quitting for the remainder of my pregnancy as I am beyond exhausted...
Poor you. At least i didn't have to cope with pregnancy on top of everything else!
I have no infections at the mo (hooray) but am nervously monitoring every sniffle :) ;)
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