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Hello my fellow battlers!

I'm on Tecfidera for exactly 1 year now (I started after a big relapse and an extremely stressful time) and I strictly follow the OMS diet for already 4 years now and I can carefully say I feel great! No side effects from the start whatsoever. There are even days that I almost forget that I have MS!

I get my blood checks done every 3 months, all good, only my last blood check showed a very low lymphocyte count of 0,7 (after 6 months my level of lymphocytes was cut in half). I saw my doctor yesterday and because my levels are so low, he wants to cut the dose in half for 1 month to see if my levels will go up again, if not...I have to stop taking the Tecfidera...

And I really, really don't want to stop taking Tecfidera! I'm doing so well on it.

Does anyone here saw their levels drop very low and decided to cut the dose of Tecfidera in half or temporarily stop, to get their lymphocytes level go back up again?

And if you had to stop taking Tecfidera, which medicine did you switch to and why?

I feel a bit insecure at the moment...I really don't want to say goodbye to this medicine!

Thanks a lot in advance!
The same happened to me and I had to stop Tecfidera. I'm now 6 months post round 1 of Lemtrada. I was in two minds whether to stop meds altogether, but the fact that I don't take any tablets or have any injections apart from two rounds of infusions with Lemtrada led me to that decision.
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Hi Triangle.

I'm sorry to hear your quandary but am interested to hear how you get on. My neurologist was pushing for tysabri but I was thinking bg12 possibly a better choice..
Good luck!
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