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How does LDN work? I use it as 1.5 mg since 2.5 years.
Trying to explain it to every doctor really drains me, then i have to tell them that it's off-label but it works and bla bla bla... i'm just gonna give them a page to read.

What do you think a doctor should know about LDN to better understand it?
Please add a link aswell thank you!
Best way to explain to a physician, is that mild doses of LDN block endorphin receptors for a short time, subsequently sending a slight shock reaction and over compensation of endorphin production that your body is not sensing it receiving. This over flow of endorphins that you have tricked your body into creating an oversupply of has an anti-inflammatory effect, which is why auto-immune sufferers do well on it..in theory.

Although, it is largely unstudied being as cheap and generic as it is, so your local doctor will probably not advise to take it as they won't get to stuff their pockets with big-pharma cash otherwise.
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