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Hi everyone,

I have recently had an attack of sorts and was symptom free prior. I am not diagnosed with MS but have been told I have had a 'clinically isolated syndrome' or 'adult ADEM.'

As I am not 'diagnosed' I can't get access to the PBS and can simply not afford to fork out 15K a year for the current treatments. Since my attack, I have changed my lifestyle and diet entirely and am feeling great, stressed to the max, but fairly good all the same.

however, I have a dilemma!! Because I cannot be diagnosed at this point, my neuro has suggested I go on a clinical trial of Teroflunimide. I thought this was my best bet, as part of the 2 year trial even if in the placebo group (its 2/3 active drug, 1/3 placebo) I will recieve quarterly MRI's and constant monitoring, and the side effects seem to be .......ok to handle..for want of better wording..so...I've agreed to it, and have my MRI and screening all booked in for THIS THURSDAY!

However, in doing as much reading as I can, I've come across so much research in support of Low dose Naltrexone so don't know if it's worth talking to my doctor about this?! He is very..medical model old school..so I don't know if he'd want a bar of it..but it seems to be working wonders for people from all over the world. My neuro explained to me that the residual effects of Teroflunomide may be numb fingertips and toes...I know that's a small price to pay for a potentially effective drug..but the side effects for LDN seem to be way less.......

Opinions? Ideas? Feedback?

Anything is HIGHLY valued!!!

Thanks so much.

I've been wondering about LDN for a long time so I will be interested in any replies.

Ten pages of thread right here in the Forum on LDN at viewtopic.php?f=6&t=5&hilit=low+dose+naltrexone

Be well

thank you George :)
I'm wondering if it's safe to perhaps take the teriflunomide..but given i may get a placebo..ask my doctor about taking LDN as well..thats stupid for the clinical trial though.....
i have no idea what to do!!
i'm feeling great on your plan.....just hoping it lasts!!
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