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Since my first post on this subject I have had some trouble taking
LDN. The first 3-4 weeks were great but then I had problems with
my hormone levels. I am on HRT and I was getting ( sorry guys) very
sore breasts and period like pain. I now take my HRT every second day
and that seemed to solve the problem. Then I actually started to feel more
fatigued and I had nausea that wouldnt go away, I didnt feel like eating
much at all. So now I have gone off the LDN and I feel a lot better.
I seemed to be better at 1.5mg than 3. I am wondering if I should try
it every second day, I may try this. I am now considering maybe copaxone for
awhile. I have been on the diet (for the second time) for two and a half
years but am still having problems so maybe I am one of those who takes at
least 3-5 years to see improvements. Just thought I would let any of you
know how it has been going because I have only ever read that LDN
is great, wish I was one of those who did well on it.
Maree I was really interested in your post about LDN as I have been using it since February 2011. `I have found that it helps with my energy levels and believe that it has helped to prevent the debilitating fatigue endured by some many MSer's ( I had one episode of this during my first exacerbation which lasted for three full days and don't ever want to experience that again). I have been using 3mg per day for the past fifteen months and prior to this had tried increasing it on a number of occasions but it always made me feel much worse in terms of balance and vertigo symptoms. So I have decided to stick with the 3mg. It would appear that there is quite a variable response to LDN.
I have had 6 weeks now on 3mg - and the first 2 weeks at 1.5mg
Bladder/bowel urgency just about disappeared after day 3...fatigue levels are (much) better...and my recovery time is about 1/5th what it was. Heat tolerance is much better too!!!
Must say too - the diet approach and getting off Betaferon is a big part of the mix as well

Be well
Hi Steve I don't know you might of found someone ,but I came from Adelaide and I didn't know until last year that there was a doctor that can prescribe ldn because I asked my gp and she didn't even bother to look.Anyway his name is Anthony Grant he works at Unley Medical Centre hope it is helpful.
I've now been on LDN for some 4 months; worked 4.5mg.

No side effects noted. No amazing improvement either. My skin pain has died down somewhat since going on it, but it's really been up and down since the beginning.

I was unable to take it for 3 straight days in the middle; I was brutally tired in the morning, but I was (am) also fighting a bad cold/flu so can't be certain it was the LDN.
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