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My GP is willing to prescribe LDN to me, but says it is only available in 50mg tablets. Is there anyone out there from Sydney who is on the low dosage? Is it, in fact, available in a low dose capsule or tablet? Or, do I get a script from a compounding chemist? Or dilute and mix it up myself? I will be very grateful for advice!
You have to find a compounding pharmasist who will make up the dose especially for you.
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Hello Ziggy. I used LDN for about a year, just after my diagnosis. You will definitely need a compounding chemist. As I recall, the standard dose for LDN for MS is around 4.5mg. My neuro wrote out the prescription for the exact low dose, and I used Blooms the Chemist (Compounding Chemist) in Lismore NSW.Their service was excellent, and they sent me a bottle of capsules, (around 90 per bottle as I recall) with each capsule containing the correct dose, no worries at all. Their freecall number is 1800 243 647. I hope that helps you!

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Visionary health compounding chemist at Hamilton (they suggested LDN to me, were very keen on it, and helpful, so are probably the best ones to advice dosage). Or try the compounding chemist Kingsway at brookvale. Call and ask to speak directly to chemist for dosage info for GP. They'll all post to you. you email them a pic of your script.
The doctor can write the script for the exact amount of mg's you want to start on.
It is recommended to start off slowly, say 1.5mg to see how you feel then you can take
two capsules and see how you feel then three. Some people find 3mg ok.
When you find a dose that suits then the next prescription can be made at that
exact dose.
Thanks everyone for all your suggestions. My GP wrote me a script, I found a local compounding chemist and took my first dose of 1.5 last night, which I plan to bump up to 3 after a week or so. I am cautiously optimistic as I am secondary progressive, but, hey, nothing to lose - fingers crossed! Will let you know how I go.
Low-dose naltrexone has reduced both my pain and fatigue. I get 50mg naltrexone pills ;) , than get it compounded into 3.5mg doses. I've been doing this a few years with volumetric dosing. 50ml of distilled water with a 50mg tab of Naltrexone. Dose 3.5mg (3.5ml) with an oral syringe at night pre-bed. Hope this helps.
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