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I have recently moved to a large town in Regional Victoria and brought my LDN scripts with me. I saw my new Compounding Chemist and asked if he could make up my script in liquid form as it seemed to be a cheaper option. He wanted to do some research to ensure the efficacy and stability of this method and came back to me with the following information:

1. The mixture needs to be protected from light and must be stored in a refrigerator.

2. According to USF guidelines, in the absence of stability information, the storage period for compounded Water Containing
Formulations is 14 days at temperatures between 2 and 6 degrees centigrade.
For more information, refer to current USP chapter<795>

3. No claims are made as to the safety or efficacy of this preparation. This formulation is provided solely at the unsolicited request of

4. Beyond Use Dates of preparations are conservative estimates by the formulator using reference books, peer reviewed literature,
intended duration of therapy, formulation from commercially available products, organoleptic stability observations and current
USP guidelines. Compounders may have stability tests performed by a reputable laboratory if they wish to extend the Beyond Use

5. Beyond Use Date after compounding is estimated to be 14 days.

I have decided therefore to continue taking my LDN (4.5mg) in capsule form with Avicel filler. The liquid form made by mixing one 50mg tablet of Naltrexone with water does not appear to be the safest or indeed the most effective option.

After six years of using LDN with positive results I definitely would not risk a negative outcome based on cost.


I have only just rang about this same thing.
I have been off ldn because of nausea etc
and decided to give it another go this time
taking with food and trying a different time.
I thought also maybe the filler is a prob so
talked to compound pharmacy and they said
they could make a liquid suspension using
pure powder not crushed tab, so I will have
to ask how long it will last. Great to here you
are doing well on ldn.
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