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Hey everyone, I'm considering switching from Copaxone to BG-12, rather than switch to Tysabri, which is what my Neurologist is pushing. I'm also taking LDN, and I can't find any information indicating whether or not they're compatible. Happy Easter!
Sorry to jump in with no helpful information, I don't know anything about LDN, and very little about BG-12. But what is it with neuros recommending Tysabri? My neuro is still trying to push me onto Tysabri even though I haven't had a relapse in more than 2 years and there is nothing new on my MRI scans? I think it's a little short sighted of them. You haven't stated the reasons for your neuro pushing you onto a different drug, I'd just make sure that it is truly justified.
I was recently diagnosed last May, and I immediately started LDN , which was recommended by a compound pharmacist friend and my wife's holistic/integrative medicine doctor. I also started Copaxone, because that is the safest drug and it's compatible with LDN. If you want to learn about LDN, read the book "Up the Creek with a Paddle". I just got into OSU's ms clinic, and the neuro team saw me and re-affirmed my diagnosis, and they both told me that with the amount of lesions on my brain they don't want to mess around and recommend something stronger than Copaxone. Their recommendation is Tysabri. I agree with you completely that they are a little quick to push that on patients, knowing that I feel great and have barely any symptoms. I wonder if any of this has to do with the money revolving around these drugs:) My last MRI showed a very small active lesion on my spine, and my brain lesions were inactive lesions. From the comparison of my first MRI, it appears there is not much change at all; however, she mentioned they were done on different scanners, which makes some of the comparisons difficult. I still feel that holding off until I get another scan down the road is a better option than taking a very strong drug such as Tysabri. BG-12 is the newest drug, and has a very safe track record. It was just FDA approved last week. These are very difficult decisions, and I feel very confident that my lifestyle changes are keeping me stable at the moment, along with the supplements I'm taking. I started green juicing tons of kale, greens, celery, carrots, parsley, and beets religiously from the day I was diagnosed! I also stopped dairy and gluten for the most part. These slip in my diet every now and then, but rarely. Can I ask how you're feeling and what's working for you?

Fantastic to find this thread, sorry I cant be of help as I have the same query!

I have been on LDN and OMS only for 18mths due to Depression on Rebif, however my right side has become worse over the last 12months and my Neuro, quite rightly, has suggested that I think about Gilenya or Aubagio. During my research I have also come accross information on BG-12 and to me it does seem the best option.

I have 2 questions regarding it though - can it be taken with LDN and is it available in Australia?

I have posted to the LDN Awareness Website and they were unable to help me and sent me a link to Dixons Pharmacy in Glasgow to see if they could help but I have had not answer to my email from them.

Also any information on BG-12 from anyone out there taking it would be greatly appreciated!

Apologies for adding more questions than answers! :0


I'm unable to find out if these two are compatible as well. I spoke with a compound pharmacist, and he said there most likely is not any comparative study with them, so it's going to only be based off of a doctor's experience with their patients taking these drug combinations. Let me know if you find out any useful info! Take care

I'm joining the crowd to say thanks for the post. I have had the same question.
Like others on this thread my neuro has recommended tysabri due to my lesion load - she says too many to count in the brain and one on the spine.
I absolutely refuse to take tysabri especially since I test positive for the JC virus.
I'm currently pregnant so have stopped taking LDN and Copaxone but when i am ready to start meds again my neuro is suggesting BG12. I also want to take LDN though as I found that I felt really good on this (apart from consistently waking at 3am).
As a side note does everyone else notice an improvement in mood and a more positive outlook on LDN? And does this last? I was only on LDN for about 2 months before stopping to try to conceive.
Best wishes to all and hopes for an answer to our question.
I haven't been on any disease-modifying drugs before, and have only just been diagnosed. Following my second MRI my neuro wanted to put me on Tysabri because the disease was active. In fairness he understood completely when I had read the side effects and was unwilling to take it.

I have also considered Copaxone and BG12 but the side effects don't look great (more patient reports are starting to come out on BG12 - check out their Facebook page).

I decided to take LDN and have been taking it for a month. One question is whether you might want to consider taking LDN alone, rather than worrying about its compatibility, and considering another drug if it doesn't work?

There are some useful resources on LDN:

https://www.facebook.com/groups/LDNRT/ (where patients share their experiences and get views from experts)

The website of the LDN Trust, which is championing it use: http://www.ldnresearchtrust.org/

In terms of other drugs, Laquinimod seems like it is finally just around the corner (Phase 3 trial in the UK has been completed), so worth keeping an eye out for.

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