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Hi there

I live in Birkenhead and would love to find a GP that understands MS. Would you mind messaging me the details?

I came across this forum while googling for LDN for chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). (I don't have MS.)
My research indicates only the 50mg tablet is available at NZ chemists. I live in Glenfield, and am very interested in where LDN might be sourced with a script from my doctor. And ... I use the Glenfied Medical Centre - would be keen to know if any particular doctor there is more likely to prescribe LDN for me.
And any particular experiences anyone has had using LDN to reduce fatigue and (FM) pain. Trials results look promising, so am keen to try it for myself. (Incidentally, last year I tried Citalopram, an SSRI, to see if boosting serotonin would help - no, it caused ongoing digestive upset, took 8 weeks to show minimal upbeat feeling, then 3 months to wean myself off it (to avoid withdrawal symptoms).)
Hi yes you can get Naltrexone compounded by PCNZ down on Diana Drive but you must have a script. I have had 3mg, 4mg and 4.5mg from them.

Just to report back on my experience with LDN after 6 months:

I took it mainly for my bladder symptoms but unfortunately it has not improved this.

I have had no adverse effects.

I went off it recently for two weeks to test if I felt any difference. It took about 2 days to notice a definite return of fatigue and that common feeling of waking feeling like I have been hit by a bus. So after two weeks I went back on it and it wasn't long before I felt better, no fatigue and feeling like I get a better quality of sleep.

So even though I am disappointed my bladder issues are no better I will stay on LDN because the other improvements are worth the cost.
Back in August the price for 90 capsules of Naltrexone 4.5mg was $111.18 (incl GST) from PCNZ Ltd. So that's 90 day's supply.
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Ezza wrote: Hi there

I live in Birkenhead and would love to find a GP that understands MS. Would you mind messaging me the details?


Try the Birkenhead Medical Centre. Someone told me that their GP from there prescribes it for them. I only know it was a He so try Geoff Norcliffe.
If you don't already go there you could drop them a note asking if any of the docs are prepared to monitor your trial, be sure to explain why or else they will think your are withdrawing from drugs seeing that is what it is funded for in NZ :lol:

I go to Dr Frances Pitsilis an Integrated GP but you will need close to $1000 to spend. I went to her when it was only $400 and now see her only once a year. But if you have money to invest she can test hormones, food and all sorts of helpful things.
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hi @but_a_dream posted a while back there was a doctor in Waikanae willing to prescribe LDN. I am in Wellington and having no luck with GP and specialist on this. Does Anyone know the name of the GP in Waikanae? Thanks
Apologies but I didn't keep the email reply with the name of the Waikanae doctor (and the lady I emailed seems to have disappeared (her website has anyway) although you could try emailing her? angelindisguiseldn@yahoo.com

I'm pretty sure PCNZ (Pharmaceutical Compounding NZ) who are based in Auckland will courier the LDN prescription to you but first you need a prescription. I'd try a couple of things:

1. Call PCNZ and see if they can give you a list of Wellington doctors who send LDN customers their way (they gave me a list of 4 Auckland doctors when I called them back in 2013).
2. Look up all integrated/holistic health doctors in Wellington and call around to see if they will prescribe LDN or at least be open to it. I used Holistic Medical Centre in Grey Lynn, Auckland and they had other patients already on it (not a huge number but a few).

I stayed on LDN for about 18 months and then got lazy about filling my last prescription and decided not to bother as I was feeling fine. Although just reading back through this post about the fatigue maybe I'm not so fine after all as I'm always complaining about waking up exhausted after 8-9 hours sleep! So maybe I should look into going back on it.

Good luck!
Yes PCNZ will courier it with a prescription.

If i go off LDN the fatigue comes back.
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Does anyone know of a GP in Auckland? I'd be very interested to know. Thanks in advance.
Integrated GPs will prescribe. I go to Frances Pitsilis who unfortunately is expensive for first appointment now. There is another Helen Smith who I have not seen but hear good things about http://www.aucklandholisticcentre.co.nz ... s/our-fees
and her fees are more affordable. Check by email first if she would prescribe. It is well worth getting everything checked anyway because they look in more depth than most GPs.

I think there is a GP at Birkenhead Medical who does but don.t know his name.
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