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Just to say grateful thanks to everyone who has posted about their experience with LDN. I’ve been to see my GP today and have a script for naltrexone in liquid form, 1mg/1ml. Now I’m just waiting for a local pharmacy who will dispense, to come back to me with costs. After some thought, I’ve decided to start slowly and gradually build up to the optimum dose for me. I’m a bit nervous about the prospect of wild dreams, but time will tell whether or not that happens. In a few weeks, I’ll let you all know how I’m getting on.
Good luck - I 'm very disappointed to say I have not had one wild dream since I started taking it.
Hello again – after a couple of months, just though I’d check in with an update before the silly season really swings into action.

I started on LDN 1.5 mg nightly, increased it by 0.5 mg each week until 3 mg which I stayed on for two weeks, 3.5 mg for two weeks, and am currently on 4 mg, due to take the final step to 4.5 mg next week. I have had no side effects whatsoever and to date it’s all been very positive. First thing I noticed was an improvement in mild bladder issues, urinary hesitancy and at times incomplete emptying of bladder. I no longer need to get up during the night to go to the toilet. However, best of all is has been the huge improvement in sleep. After over a decade of struggling with mid-phase insomnia, I can’t tell you how good it is to sleep through the night and wake feeling refreshed. My thinking seems clearer, memory is improved, “word-hunting” less of a problem and there is a noticeable reduction in fatigue although I still tend to wilt by the end of the day. So as “but_a_dream” commented, for anyone who is ineligible for funded drugs in New Zealand, LDN might be worth considering and at a fraction of the cost.

Hope you all have a great Christmas.
hi everyone. i,m a 60 year old greek. i was diagnosed with ms in june 2012 and started on betaseron and kept on it for six months until it hit me.Then i turned to avonex for nearly a year but since my improvement was so and so and the side effects rather unbearable i started looking for something else. I found about LDN and since 03/01/2014 i'm on the 4.5 mg nightly dose. No side effects just a feeling of gradual improvement. My main problem is partial inability of my right leg. Time will tell. Good health to all of you
This topic is very current for me. I have been taking LDN for 2 years after throwing Avonex in the bin for I didn't like the side effects. Started the OMS diet about the same time. I started on 1.5 mg and built it up to 4.5 mg with no bad reaction along the way.
I was diagnosed in 2008, had pain and numbness in soles of both feet for some years thinking its my flat feet, then loss of feeling from my waist down. At this point the diagnose was made. Anyway, I was taking LDN not knowing if it's doing me much good, as my symptoms were (after the initial 4 weeks period after diagnosis) mostly sensory with the occasional fatique and a balance wobble.
However, it changed quite dramatically when the GP who used to prescribe LDN for me refused to do it any more quoting pressure from authorities. I run out half way through November 2013. Fortnight later I was in trouble. I have a weakness in one leg and one arm, need to use walking stick to steady my balance, am constantly tired and can't work any more. i have put an application in for disability support pension but await the outcome with much trepidation considering the latest government move to slash the number of pensioners.
I would much appreciate if someone knew a GP in Victoria Australia who I can contact for prescription. I have tried numerous ones without any luck so far.
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