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I am absolutely devastated. Have just been to my GP for more LDN only to be told that he is no longer able to prescribe it. Apparently his clinic was subjected to an audit by Medicare and he was told that as LDN was not a medication indicated for use by people with MS, he is no longer able to prescribe it.

Does this apply to all doctors in Australia? How will I be able to access it now? I have been taking 4.5mg LDN for over 4 years and I am really afraid of the consequences of not taking it.

Can somebody give me advice please.

Hi Diz, Im really sorry to hear that, I find it odd that Medicare can dictate to a GP what to prescribe for his own patients?

Unfortunately, I am in Perth so my GP is no good to you. If you don't get a reply from anyone near to you then a good idea would be to look on the LDN Trust Research Forum Website in the UK. http://forum.ldnresearchtrust.org/

I know that there is a now 'famous' Pharmacy in Glasgow called Dixons who I am pretty sure can post it out to you without a script..... the only thing I am not sure of is if you have to be in the UK or not. Im sure if you look on their website there will be a solution to your problem.

Sorry I can be of more help.

Let us know how you get on

Diz, what a shock, and you were going so well! You must be very concerned. I know I am, to hear about this. I got my latest prescription about two months ago and there were no problems. Maybe it's simply because your GP's practice was audited, and other GPs will still be able to prescribe it - until/unless they too get audited? This sounds like the US, where (I'm led to believe) every condition has a set list of pharmaceuticals and doctors can only prescribe from that list. But that's because HMOs (insurers) are running the show.

Have you tried another GP?

That pharmacy in Glasgow is very expensive, last I heard. But LDN in Australia is very cheap, we're spoilt.

I'm sure you'll be able to find another GP who will prescribe it. Let us know how you go. Jen
Hi Jen,

Thanks for your reply. I went to my compounding chemist and he gave me another local GP to contact so I feel so much better. It was terrifying even thinking about no more LDN.

Thanks for your concern too, Shell - much appreciated.

Sadly Gp's are the most over-regulated profession in this country. They are answerable not only to the AMA but also the Medicare Watchdog. I know a couple of ex Gp's who gave it up to retrain in specialties to escape the constant stress of Medicare breathing down their neck. They are told what to prescribe, to whom and when and are subject to patient outcome evaluations that are subjectively dependent on patient compliance. Very unfair. So it's bad luck to have to find another prescriber but we're likely to face more of this in the future. Good GP's are worth more than the sum total of their patient's weight but they are becoming nobbled.

Try an Integrated Medicine. GP
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I mentioned this to one of my GPs yesterday. I have two GPs - one is my "regular" GP, who happily prescribes my LDN for me. The other one is an integrated medicine GP I've been seeing more recently as she has had good results treating osteoporosis with supplements (as opposed to the scary phosphonates). It was this one I saw yesterday. She said it's true that there's a list of medications that they're meant to adhere to, otherwise they run the risk of an audit, thereafter the fine for straying outside the list is $60,000. She tries to stay "under the radar" to avoid an audit (not sure exactly what that means). In any case, I will continue to ask my regular GP to prescribe LDN and trust that she doesn't get audited. She runs a large practice and is very professional, so I'm sure she knows what she's doing.
I have been looking at a site called All Day Chemist that ships to a lot of countries including
Australia. Apparently you don't need a script. Has anyone had any experience with this Company.
I would have to crush the tablets and make my own mixture. The Brand is Naltrexone Hcl, made
in India.
I wouldn't, there is no guarantee of what you are getting, either the product or the strength.
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I agree! I've lived in India and you can get all kinds of drugs at the "corner store", but despite the packaging you can never be sure what you're buying. I'm sure that online is just the same.

Dizzy, how did you go with the new GP?
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