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Hi Jen,

I went to new GP yesterday and he is happy to prescribe LDN so, looks like all is well.

The info from your doc was very interesting and backs up my doc's concerns. Whatever the reason, I am certainly grateful to have found another LDN friendly medico.


That must have been a huge relief! :D
Glad it all worked out. Jen
Thanks for the advice. Hope I can find a LDN friendly doc too.
Does anyone know of a doctor that will give LDN in Melbourne? I am moving soon and am keen to make an appointment with one for the future. Please PM if you know

Love and Health


I have friends in Melbourne from the OMS retreat earlier this year, at least one of whom has started on LDN. What area will you be living in? Private message me if you wish.

While we're at it, perhaps someone knows of an OMS friendly neuro in Melbourne? I will put up another post for this, as I may be interested for myself, too.


OMG December 2011 OMS January 2012 OMS Retreat March 2012 Benign MS Sep 2015
Two Very Mild Relapses since diagnosis. Copaxone May 2013 No new lesions on MRI since diagnosis
I too would be interested in any Neuro in Melbourne who is supportive of the OMS lifestyle! So don't keep it a secret if you know of one please!

When I did George's course in 2007, one participant mentioned a neuro at RMH who was supportive. Not living in Melbourne I didn't note the name, sorry.

Looking for a GP in Adelaide who will prscribe LDN??

Been doing the diet now for 5 weeks- and fantastic too - still not good but better...really keen on getting onto LDN - I am in Adelaide trying to find a GP that will prescribe it - any suggestions anyone???


Julie wrote: I have been taking LDN for about 10 months now and I would heartily recommend it!

Although I know that George's diet , which I started 3 years ago, has 'got rid of' most of my symptoms (hand tremors, eyesight problems, balance problems, fatigue etc.) the two things that the diet *didn't* have so much effect on (for me) were foot drop and bladder issues. Both of these have been helped considerably by LDN and *completely* in the case of footdrop, which I never experience any more!

The bottom line is, I know how helpful the Swank/Jelinek diet can be, because I tried this first and I attribute most of my recovery to this. However, the LDN is a useful 'add-on' which has no side-effects and it improves things even more - I wouldn't be without it now! Interestingly, you *can* take LDN in the morning - it doesn't have to be at night - and this suits me much better (no insomnia at all now). The reason I know this is that I attended a conference in Birmingham last autumn (Tom Gilhooly, Bob Lawrence and Linda Elsegood were there). At the conference the mechanism of action of LDN was discussed in detail, and as well as the endorphin effect, we were told that it also binds to TOLL-like receptors, which is how it regulates the immune system.
I have some symptom of ms
My leg and hand feel tingling
I have consumed hidroxychloroquine for 1 month since my doc said i might have sjogren syndrome,because my eyes and my saliva production is less than normal
Sometime my body twitching and light tremor in my hand
I always feel cold on my hand and my toe ,that really make me stress
I wanna try LDN,but anyone know where should i buy this meds?because i live in jakarta, indonesia
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