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I have taken LDN for 3 months before I got pregnant, then took it for the first trimester. My question is at what point can I begin taking LDN after the baby is born? I plan on breastfeeding as well
As far as drug 'safety' in relation to pregnancy and breastfeeding goes LDN would have to be the safest around. It was developed for treating heroin addiction and was used in substantially higher doses. It was used in pregnancy at high doses with no documented adverse affects. I would say use it whenever you feel comfortable. There is a link in the CCSVI thread I think to a Scottish clinic that also uses LDN. It is also being successfully used as a fertility drug in Ireland so that should give you comfort.

you might want to listen to an interview with Dr. Phil Boyle who uses LDN in his fertility clinic in Ireland. He talks about LDN and pregnancy in that interview.

Go to: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/mary-boyle-bradley
and choose the first "featured" episode with the green bar.

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