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i have a question regarding using LDN and Tysabri simultaneously, sorry if the intro is a bit long..

i finally managed to get a doctor to prescribe me the LDN, but from researching online, the issue with taking it with a DMD drug like Tysabri (which i'm on for over 5 years) is they both work in opposite directions. Tysabri is immune suppressant while the LDN is immune balancing and modulating.

the real issue is the doctors are frightened to stop the Tysabri treatment because its the most powerful and effective drug there is for MS, and though over the last couple of years my physical condition is deteriorating, they are afraid i'll have a massive rebound effect once stopping it, and they claim all hell can break loose.

do any of you are being treated with both Tysabri and LDN on regular basis? whats your opinion about that?

Thank you very much and enjoy the rest of your weekend :)
Hi there,
I don't have experience with either treatments, but am in the process of going on LDN soon.
I've done a lot of research and from what I've read I'm not sure the two treatments are such a good match.
I hope someone with knowledge replys to your post.
Good luck hunny.
My neurologist told me tysabri is not an immuno supressant but an imnuno modulator, if I understood correctly.
I believe they don't mix well. Your answer may be better answered on the LDN face book group.
I've recently started LDN. This group is awesome at answering questions to do with LDN.
Does anyone know if you can take LDN with Tecfidera?
had a meeting today with a pharmacologist, he was unable to give me a definite answer on this since he doesn't know the LDN well enough, but he believes this drug doesn't integrate well with any drug which modifies the immune system.
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