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Hi all,

I have been on LDN now for 2 weeks- no side effects and the recent vertigo symptom has vanished overnight. I also have more energy. My question to anyone who has been on it for a while is- does it stabilise MS? I was diagnosed with SPMS and have been on the OMS programme for a couple of years now. I think It has been helpful in slowing the progression but unfortunately it hasn't stopped it. Emma
4 years on LDN -- no changes to MRI in 4 years
About 3 years on LDN? ( I'm bad with dates )
Have had an attack but was still smoking at the time.
There is a wonderful support group on Facebook called.

LDN research trust

I recommend joining as they have great info in the files section.

LDN worked great for me but after taking antibiotics I found it didn't work so well as I developed a yeast infection which does make LDN not work as well until you fix that.

The OMS lifestyle and LDN seem to be a great combo.
I view LDN as my safety net.

No side effects on LDN except vivid dreams.
Heads up though when you have reached your 'correct dose ' ( everyone's is different ) going over that 'sweet spot' can flare old symptoms - this is not a new attack, it will either pass with time or decrease dose back where you felt. Good and symptoms should disappear too.
All this info and more however are on that closed group in Facebook I mentioned.

All the best.
Copaxone almost 10 years and LDN for almost 9. Strict diet. No new lesions. No relapses.
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