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About to start LDN... feeling anxious

PostPosted: Mon Jul 24, 2017 2:46 am
by LadyBug41
Hi all,

I've dropped off my script for LDN at my local compounding pharmacy. I'll be starting on 1.5mg, then after a couple of weeks up to 3.0mg. Then if all goes well, I'll bump it up to 4.5mg.

I'll be taking it for MS but also for Hashimoto's thyroiditis (autoimmune). I'm hoping it will just make me feel better, I'm tired of feeling tired and "off".

Any words of encouragement? Oh and I'll still be taking Gilenya, hoping that will be ok.


Re: About to start LDN... feeling anxious

PostPosted: Mon Jul 24, 2017 8:28 am
by Geoff Allix
I take LDN and the only side effect was vivid dreams, but I don't get that any more. When I did get vivid dreams, they weren't scary and I actually enjoyed them.

Re: About to start LDN... feeling anxious

PostPosted: Mon Jul 24, 2017 2:07 pm
by Jette
Hello Ladybug,

I am getting on well with a daily dose of 3 mg LDN too. It did take me a long time to get up to that dose, though. I started with the liquid and initially took 1 ml per day. The advice was to increase it by an additional ml every week until I got to 4.5 but I found that rate of increase too fast. It seemed to spark off a recurrence of symptoms. In the end it took me well over six months to get up to the 3ml/mg dose.

Everyone is different and you may be absolutely fine with the dose increase you are planning. I think there is a very active Facebook page run by the LDN Research Trust where you might be able to get more advice.

If you do find you need need to up your doses more slowly, you could try and get hold of the liquid form. Or follow .Blueberry's example. I believe she opens up 5mg capsules and divides them, possibly mixing them into a liquid carrier. You'd need to ask her.

Hope I am not managing to discourage you :/. That's not the intention at all. I am sure you will benefit from the LDN in due course. Takes a while to have a positive effect, so a bit of patience is called for.

Good luck!


Re: About to start LDN... feeling anxious

PostPosted: Mon Jul 24, 2017 11:19 pm
by LadyBug41
Diggity, I'm looking forward to the vivid dreams!

And Jette, no you are not discouraging at all. I was thinking of dividing the 1.5mg in half for a while. If I find LDN agrees with me I'll get the 50mg tablets and dissolve them. I'm also trying to find the most cost effective way, I spend enough on medication and supplements already!

Re: About to start LDN... feeling anxious

PostPosted: Thu Jul 27, 2017 5:50 am
by Blueberry
I've been on LDN for 3 years now.
I agree totally with Jette, join the Facebook group LDN Reseach Trust.
Any question you have about LDN and your experiences can be found there. They are a friendly bunch and all you could possible need to know can be found in the files folder.

I actually get my chemist to dissolve my pills into a liquid and that way I can raise or lower dose as I try to reach my 'sweet spot '.
Instructions how to dissolve your own pills are also in that Facebook group.
I remember they said it had to be distilled water and shaken before each dose taken to give an even amount.
Many people in that group have m.s and are on LDN.

My advise is start low.
I started on 0.5ml and over 1 1/2 years slowly got my way to 1.5mls
I found when I went over this amount my symptoms would flare... this is not a new attack just a flare of old symptoms. These get better when you either wait it out or reduce dose.

lDN is very safe. I just had vivid dreams too.