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Anybody here who take ldn more than 10year and doing mri annualy or every 6 month?
I just want to know if there is any new lession while on ldn or the lession stay the same or maybe shrinking?
I dont have money to order mri and i just surrender to god what will happen to me in the future
I live in indonesia and only have indonesian national health service(BPJS) which didnt cover ms disease
I've been on copaxone and LDN. Copaxone for nearly 10 years and LDN for nearly nine. No new lesions and one trying to repair itself. I should add that I'm on a very strict diet, eat NO meat and NO gluten.
Woww,thats a good result
I also take ldn with good result
My problem that ldn can't solve is cold hand and feet
Other symtom like tingling,burning sensation,headache,pain in my leg and have been subside,pin n needle,eyepain,stabbing pain in my body, (almost gone) and fix my insomnia
I never eat gluten anymore since starting ldn
But i still eat meat
Im so confused what should i eat if meat is forbidden to consumed by ms sufferers
I eat Tofu and beans for protein (plus B-12). I know that many people still eat fish but I don't.
I take melatonin for sleep, but some brands have wheat so you have to be careful. It's not perfect and I still wake up a lot but it helps.
Are you taking a vitamin D supplement?
I should add that you should get your thyroid tested if you can.

Anyway LDN stopped my legs from being spastic at night, and stopped the burning in my feet.
Tofu is soybean product right?
Is it safe eating tofu?
In indonesia there is another soybean product called tempeh
I take 1 capsule contains : calcium,magnesium,zinc & vit d since 2 week ago
Because u take both ldn and copaxone its hard to know what drug is the true benefit to you
Have u notice any improvement when taking only copaxone?
As u know indonesian social insurance didnt cover ms disease,so i cant take dmd available for ms
Poseidon wrote: Tofu is soybean product right?
Is it safe eating tofu?
In indonesia there is another soybean product called tempeh

Both are ok and mentioned in the OMS book.
Any downloand link for oms book?

Why should i check my thyroid?
There is a Kindle edition, but I much prefer having it in print:

https://www.amazon.co.uk/Overcoming-Mul ... 091&sr=1-1

If you're in the UK or Australia, then they will send you a free copy.
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