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Here is a link to the article on a new research findings. Unfortunately the group of patients on DMDs involved only those on Copaxone, but it's better than nothing.

https://multiplesclerosisnewstoday.com/ ... ins-in-ms/
Interesting article, thank you for posting.

From the small paragraph- The analysis revealed that IL-10 serum values were comparable between non-MS controls and all MS patients on low-dose naltrexone alone, or Copaxone alone. Patients treated with both Copaxone and naltrexone presented a broad range of IL-10 serum values “that were significantly different from MS subjects receiving LDN [low-dose naltrexone] only,” the researchers wrote.

In contrast, IL-6 cytokine was found to be significantly elevated in MS patients treated only with Copaxone compared to patients receiving low-dose naltrexone alone or together with Copaxone.
. Would I be correct in drawing that patients had "better" responses if given LDN with Copaxone?

(link to press release from research - https://www.prnewswire.com/news-release ... 99789.html)
Possibly, but it's difficult t draw a clear conclusion. I wish George Jelinek could weigh in on that. I sometimes find this forum rather frustrating as we are left to our own best understanding. Unfortunately it's almost impossible to get an informed opinion from a neurologist, as they usually don't believe in anything but DMDs - at least the neurologist I see doesn't believe in LDN at all.
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