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Yesterday I tried low dose naltrexone (3mg) for the first time. After a month of very few sympoms today I have had an unpleasant return of them.

I'm also on Gabapentin and Copaxone - could either of these conflict with LDN?

I also took a valium last night - could this also conflict?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Hello James, you will be aware that we do not specifically recommend that you take LDN on this website, therefore you will not find instructions and guidelines here. There are a number of websites that are dedicated to promoting the use of LDN in the treatment of autoimmune diseases, one such is the LDN Research Trust and they publish a good fact sheet, the contents of which all should be aware of before taking this drug: http://www.ldnresearchtrust.org/uploadeddocuments/ldn-fact-sheet-nov-2009.pdf
Be sure to read the suggested introductory dosage section and the section on contraindications and special precautions.
Thanks Lisa. Maybe my dose is too high.

Feeling pretty lousy today after feeling good for one month - very frustrating!

I think I might revisit LDN when the symptoms die down.
I am no expert. However I read somewhere that LDN and AVONEX cannot be taken together, about Copaxone and LDN together I have not up to this point ever found any reading material. Thinking aloud I think it was in Judie Graham's book where I read that LDN and Avonex are not compatible - the latter suppresses the immunity system contrarily to LDN. Also, apart from the precise and scientific reference by Lisa, you may wish to trace on this same web-site on overcoming MS a study on LDN which I found to be very clear (hopefully I'm not referring to lisa's link in reply to your post on LDN which I haven't accessed yet).
Hi James I just recently spoke to my GP re the possibility of trying LDN for bladder issues. He reminded me that he would be concerned that it could cause the return of my pain issues.

Although I am not on Opiates for my pain anymore I am still on Clondine patch and Amytriptiline.

I had actually forgotten that the LDN sits on the opiate pain receptors so it will upset my body's pain management which is probably not good to mess with now after a year my pain is at a manageable level.

So it occured to me that perhaps while you also have pain issues that it may not be a good time to trial the LDN.

I am not a Pharmasist so I can't advise either but I assume that your GP knows ALL the drugs you are taking?
Even so when I was on the cocktail I was for pain which included Morphine, everytime there was a change I went online and checked for possible side effects and possible conflicts. That was a big help to me.

Every single time there is a different drug put into the mix there is the potential for problems, even with 'natural' suppliments, they are still chemicals.

I don't now if you have ever come across this database but people put in their LDN experiences, it is facinating and as you can see the actual doses can vary wildly as to how effective it is from person to person.

https://ldndatabase.dabbledb.com/page/c ... xiaHj#page

Hope it helps you too :D
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
Hi James,

I have been taking LDN for almost eight months now. It has been great for me. I have just started copaxone as well as I still have disease activity on MRI with new lesions. I have not had any symptoms to suggest this amount of activity. If anything I have had so much improvement that I am back at the gym and looking to re-register as a personal trainer with a view to perhaps helping others to get on track. Early days yet but an achievable goal from where I currently sit.

Not every treatment suits everyone. Perhaps LDN is not for you. You say you've been feeling better so keep on with the program and maybe leave the LDN for later should you need to revisit it. I am sticking with it for now as there are no known contradictions but open to change in the future if warranted. It's early days yet so wait and see how you go with the copaxone.

Thanks Vicki, Kashu, Lisa et al

A few days after my first and only LDN experiment I feel pretty much back to normal.

To start off with 3mg was obviously a mistake. I've gone back to my chemist and asked for 1mg tablets and will very gently ease my way into it. If the new approach doesn't work then it is not for me, but I am determined to give it a go.

I've had a severe attack lasting four months and have a dozen lesions. I won't forgive myself if my condition worsens but I didn't seek to do everything possible to stop advancement. I'm an all or nothing kind of guy:)

Hi James,

Good for you. I feel I have to throw everything at this too. I would recommend your read 'Up the Creek With a Paddle' by Mary Bradley. Not readily available here I had to get it online. If you're in Sydney my copy is due back from loan to a friend this week and you're welcome to borrow it. It is quite a good account of an LDN experience by the wife of a guy with Primary Progressive who has done amazingly well with it. She also touches on other's experiences and gives good tips for managing exacerbation of symptoms that can apparently occur fairly commonly in early treatment.

hi all,

I have been on LDN for a few months, including during my terrible attack from hell this summer.... I had steroid to turn things around, but my GP was unaware that LDN and steroids do not go together.... so I ended up making a mistake there... maybe that is why my recovery from the relapse did not last.. I ended up opting for angioplasty, which was a success, and I am doing quite well now... started out on 1,5 mg, then increased to 3, and am now back on 1,5mg.........

I do not take any of the DMDs, but am considering Copaxone.

great to learn from you all!

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