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Anyone with experience with HEMP SEEDS ?


I use hemp frequently. Both the seeds and the protein powder. It's a great source of complete protein and many other nutrients. There is also an oil and a butter. And a drink.


Teena Marie
Do I need to do calculation of amount of Omega 3 in Hemp seeds ?

I bought 500g. Do you have any recipe how to cook Hemp seeds ?


This site is great. I don't know where you are, but this is where I get my products.

Recicpes and nutritional information is good.

Take good care,

Teena Marie
Thanks a lot for link Teena,

What About RDA (Recommended daily allowance) ?

This is info from your link :
Protein Omega-6 Omega-3 GLA SDA Carbs
Hemp Hearts 10.0g 8.0g 2.5g 384mg 128mg 3.0g
Flax 5.6g 0 4.5g N/A N/A 9.6g
Chia 6.3g 1.8g 6.3g N/A N/A 12.3g

Looking ratio Omega 6 & Omega 3 and looking I take as all of you Flaxseed every day how I can do calculation for RDA for Hemp Seeds ? Thanks

Mile - London - UK
I did a little research here https://uk.formulaswiss.com/blogs/hemp/ ... p-seed-oil and thought about buying one for myself too. Anybody here who knows of the dosages?
Hi guys! The product I've found has recommended daily dosage on its packaging. And it's been a month since I've started using it for my migraine. I feel better than ever because honestly, CBD works well compared to traditional painkillers.
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