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hi to every one
Please share a tips for how to diet for weight loss?
Eat fewer calories, burn more calories.
Be well, live long and prosper!
This is not a diet.
If you follow the lifestyle choices of OMS you will very likely lose weight as you shouldn't be eating the food that makes people easily fat and you should be exercising.
Don't go carb crazy with bad carbs - focus on fruit and veggies and "good" carbs.
Ideally should be avoiding refined carbs anyway. Potatoes, rice, whole grain all fine.
Eat regular nourishing meals and snacks. Movement and muscle training are also cornerstones to improving your body composition. Best wishes to you
Because we have a low allowance of saturated fat, eventually on the OMS diet you do loose weight.
It's gradual but that's what I found, and my mum too who does the diet to be supportive.
mattiebrown7777 wrote: hi to every one
Please share a tips for how to diet for weight loss?

I would recommend that you stop eating dairy products. I use soya milk on cereals and soya yogurt with fruit salads every day. Stop the red meat and moving towards fresh fish regularly. Try and get walking when possible at a gentle pace if possible and avoid eating junk food and chocolate treats. I lost 2 stones by maintaining this diet for 4 months and can maintain this if mild exercise whilst walking when possible.

Avoiding cheese for me was difficult initially even although I was a Cheese maker previously.

Kind Regards,

Eddie. x
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