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Fundraise for your birthday on Facebook

For a good feeling that lasts longer than bubble bath or socks! Why not consider a birthday fundraiser to help us reach more people with MS.

Thank you for sharing your birthday with Overcoming MS

Asking your friends and family to donate to Overcoming MS instead of birthday gifts is quick and easy, using your Facebook page.

Asking for donations in lieu of gifts is always a meaningful way to acknowledge a special day or person (like you!). 

In fact, you can use your Facebook page to ask for donations in celebration of any important occasion such as a wedding anniversary, or Global MS Day, too.

The funds you raise go to help us inform, support and empower people with MS worldwide. So let’s get started!

Create Facebook Birthday Fundraiser in two minutes

  1. Log into (or create) your Facebook account at
  2. Head to your profile’s menu and search for ‘Fundraisers’.
  3. Click on “Create Fundraiser” or “Raise Money.” It will ask who you are raising money for (a personal cause, a charity, or yourself). Select ‘Charity’ and type in ‘Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis’. We are registered, so you should find us easily.
  4. Choose your fundraising goal, currency and time frame. You can edit the text or photo about Overcoming MS and share why you care about helping people live well with MS. Click ‘Create’. But wait, you’re not quite done yet!
  5. Now you need to invite your Facebook friends to donate. And then invite and invite them again! You might feel a little hesitant and worry that people will feel pressured to give. But don’t forget that not all your friends will see your birthday fundraiser if you just post once. There is no pressure at all to join in and make a gift, but you may be surprised at how generous people can be.
  6. Thank your friends, and enjoy your special day! 

Thank you in advance for thinking of Overcoming MS, and for sharing your special day with us. See you on Facebook Fundraisers! You can also donate to our current Overcoming MS Facebook Fundraisers here.