How Izzy Gained Control Over Her Aggressive MS Diagnosis

March 23, 2018

Hi, my name is Isobel and I run the YouTube channel ‘Izzy MS‘ where I make videos about topics such as my MS diagnosis and what I am doing post-diagnosis to stay healthy.

I was diagnosed with highly-active Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS) in October 2016. I had spent six weeks in hospital recovering from my first attack which left me paralyzed in my left arm and leg. After my diagnosis I started researching other ways of managing my MS as well as the pharmaceutical treatments I was offered. I came across the Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis lifestyle and diet which I absolutely love.

Finding the program gave me power to accept and get over my diagnosis as it has given me knowledge about the condition and what I can do to help myself naturally. I talk about this more in depth in my YouTube video, “How I Gained Control Over My Aggressive MS Diagnosis”. Watch it below.

You can also find Izzy on Instagram @Izzy_MS

One thought on ‘How Izzy Gained Control Over Her Aggressive MS Diagnosis

  1. I’m at work but listening about fatigue….2/14/18 finally diagnosed, but I thought I could be ok with this. Thank You for youtubing this ????☺????????

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