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Ambassador Ingrid Talks About OMS Circle Meet Ups LA

Our Los Angeles OMS Ambassador Ingrid Adelsberger discusses what the OMS Circle in LA is all about.

Our Los Angeles Ambassador Ingrid Adelsberger shares what the OMS Circle in LA is all about.

ingrid“We started our first informal meet up here in Los Angeles a few months before the OMS Circles program officially launched.

Our main aim was to engage our community after Professor Jelinek held his one day conference in October 2016.

We had a nice get together at an OMSer’s house who offered to host and spent a nice afternoon chatting about our MS journeys, asked each other questions and ate a delicious OMS friendly lunch together.

A while later, we had the first official OMS LA get together at my house.

A few months later, another LA member opened their doors for a generous and delicious OMS friendly lunch and chats.

Since then we have met mostly at cute cafes and also went for a hike one time around LA. We use the time together to chat about the situations we are facing in our lives currently.

We support each other, we brainstorm ideas, we share experiences, we laugh together and make sure that everybody has all the OMS information they need to be able to follow the Recovery Program to their best abilities.

The OMS website provides a lot of wonderful and helpful information for us OMSers, however meeting up locally can help on so many levels too.

For one, personal connection is always the most powerful way to share stories and support each other.  Meeting locally can also be helpful with topics such as going out to OMS friendly restaurants, finding the best brand for flaxseed oil or sharing experiences of local doctors.

On a personal note, I have been enjoying getting to know “my” community and finding like-minded people that are positive and uplifting when it comes to dealing with MS.

I’m sure if you have been to a MS conference or meet up, you know what I am talking about! I hope you will join your local OMS Circle if you haven’t already!”

Ingrid Adelsberger (Los Angeles OMS Ambassador)

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