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Celebrate Guacamole day with these Mexican recipes

The 16th September is ‘Guacamole Day’ and to celebrate we wanted to share a selection of our OMS Friendly recipes that would be perfect for a Mexican food themed get together. 

Mexican cuisine works well when following the OMS diet, not only because a lot of dishes are full of beans which provide a great source of protein, but also because recipes are full of fresh, zingy and spicy flavours. 

Here are a few of our favourites for you to try: 














These simple and easy fajitas pack a punch with fresh red chilli sprinkled on top. Add guacamole (see recipe below) to add even more flavour. Click here to make these tasty fajitas.

sweet pot chili










A simple and hearty chili, packed with flavour and spice! A great centre piece to any Mexcian night. Recipe kindly sent in by OMS Ambassador Vickie. Click here for the recipe.

Bean salad













This salad is a great side at any Mexican feast, BBQ or buffet. It also includes flaxseed oil making it a tasty way of getting your daily dose. Click here to make this Mexican themed bean salad.

salmon bowl








All the burrito flavour without the mess! Rice base topped with lime, avocado, salmon and salsa. If you'd prefer to go more traditional, serve with wraps and fold the filling in to create a burrito. Find the recipe here.

stuffed squash









These spicy squashes are packed full of veg, quinoa and corn. Feel free to substitute the squash with pumpkin or peppers. Try this recipe here.

corn on cob








An easy and tasty side dish for the perfect compliment to your favourite Mexican dishes. With its combination of  lime juice and cayenne pepper the dressing becomes zesty with a warming hint of spice. Click here to make this side dish.









Who can forget the guacamole when it comes to creating a Mexican feast?!

Our OMS friendly recipe is quick, simple and utterly delicious. Use lime, red onion and coriander to make this dip extra fresh. You can find the recipe here.


Share your favourite Mexican themed dishes in the comments below. 

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