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20 June 2024

Celebrating a year of the Live Well Hub!

The Live Well Hub launched on 27 June 2023. In the last year, with the help of our wonderful community, it’s become a unique and thriving global community network for everyone affected by MS to connect, share, inspire, empower and support each other.

Why was the Live Well Hub created?

The Overcoming MS Team has always worked with the community to understand how we can support our Circles and the wider community better. In 2023, we began looking into how we could create a brand-new global space for everyone in the community to come together. With the help of a focus group of community members, we chose a platform which allowed us to host our Circles groups, as well as have a shared space where everyone could chat, ask questions, share recipes, advice and challenges. 

What has happened in the Hub over the last year and how can you get involved?

Livestreams – In just 12 months, the Hub has over 3,700 members! Those members have enjoyed our exclusive brand-new livestream events, which were launched in the Hub and have included guests such as Professor George Jelinek, our charity President Linda Bloom, experts such as Dr Jonathan White, Jenna Cox and Dr Gretchen Hawley. There will be plenty more, so make sure you’re a member so you don’t miss out. 

Learn the Overcoming MS Program – In January this year, a new course designed by our team of expert facilitators was launched in the Hub: 6 Months to Overcoming MS. This course takes you step-by-step through key pillars of the Program and is filled with tips and realistic goals to help you adopt the Program over 6 months. Do you want to feel more confident with the Overcoming MS Program? Whether you’re brand new to Overcoming MS or you’re already adopting parts of the Program, this course is the perfect way to adopt the Program in a healthy, positive way. 

Jelinek Journals – Also, this March we released the Jelinek Journals, a series of audio resources from Professor George Jelinek himself! Find out more about the story behind the Journals here. 

Access classes – We’ve also created a space for our popular Physical Activity & Meditation classes exclusively in the Hub, which you can watch back and follow at a time that works for you, as well as sharing all the upcoming Overcoming MS events so you can find out what’s coming up and get involved! 

If you’re not yet in the Hub, there are so many reasons to join today! 

Who is the Hub for?

Everyone with MS! The Hub is for absolutely everyone affected by MS around the world. If you live with MS, the Hub is a brilliant space to connect with others who understand what you’re going through, can share your challenges and hopes and can give advice and tips from their own lived experience. Whether you’re newly diagnosed or have lived with MS for years, you’re bound to find connections, resources and friendly support in the Hub to help you through your journey.  

As well as becoming part of the community in the main feed, you can also join a Circle, a friendly support group. We have local Circles, a Global Circle and several thematic Circles. 

Carers and contacts of people with MS – If you’re a carer or have a friend or relative with MS, the Hub is also for you! You can learn more about how you can support people with MS or connect with others in the same situation as you. 

Healthcare Professionals – We also welcome Healthcare Professionals into the Hub, with two dedicated Healthcare Professionals Circles where you can find out the latest information on supporting people with MS and connect with others. Why not recommend these groups to your Healthcare Professionals?

How has the Hub supported our community?

The Hub Home is open for everyone who joins, whether you’re in a Circle or not, and is a great place to ask those questions you’ve been wanting to ask others with MS and get insights from others living through the same experiences. It’s a private, safe and supportive space which has helped so many of our community feel less alone and more connected and supported. 

“I’m thankful to all the people on the Overcoming MS Hub for their unlimited support and friendship.” – Live Well Hub member 



If you’ve not joined yet, why not sign up today? Click here to join our growing community to get support for yourself and help others on their journey too.