Our current global predicament is unprecedented and there are no doubt challenging times ahead, but as we move into uncharted territory regarding overcoming Covid-19, I wanted to reassure you personally that team OMS is ready and more determined than ever to support our very special OMS community.  

As a charity we know that community is everything – together we can be happier, stronger and more resilient. Our determination to share and reach out to you and every person with MS, particularly at this difficult time, is all the more pressing.

  • Currently advice is ever evolving as new information about the virus emerges, but we will endeavour to keep you informed and give you access to the latest information available through our blog posts which you can access here. Just be sure to check back regularly for any important updates.

  • Whilst governments around the world are putting strict social distancing orders in place, staying connected has never been more important. Our members Circles continue to be a precious hub for connecting and supporting each other.  The circles may have temporarily gone online, but the very special connections and sharing remains. If you’ve not yet joined a group you can find out how to join your nearest Circle here.

  • We continue to do all we can to provide you with all the information you need to follow the OMS programme both practically and emotionally.  At such uncertain times you may like this blog post by Rachael Hunter who outlines some useful tips on keeping positive.  Do look out for further extra support and information on the website in the coming weeks.

Above all, please know that Overcoming MS is always here for you.  

Look after yourselves and your families - stay safe and well.