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Connecting you to new research this World MS Day

World MS Day is a chance to provide hope for the future for everyone with MS, wherever they are. This year’s theme is all about connections.   

At Overcoming MS, we appreciate the importance of connecting you with new research into the influence that lifestyle has upon MS.    

This year we need your help to raise $14,000 (£10,000) to ensure everyone has access to the latest research on the links between MS and lifestyle choices.   

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You can learn more about our connection with the Neuroepidemiology Unit (NEU) at the University of Melbourne, (Australia) and watch this special video greeting from Dr Sandra Neate.   

Dr Neate leads the academic research team that provides the evidence underpinning the Overcoming MS program. Their research includes how specific lifestyle choices can reduce the risk of others developing MS too.  

But research is only helpful if it reaches the people who benefit from its findings. 

We fund open access to the NEU’s research because we want to empower everyone with MS to make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing. You can read all the previous papers we have supported, by clicking here.

Open access means free and unlimited online access to peer-reviewed research papers. It encourages more global research collaborations and informs healthcare professionals about the benefits of healthy lifestyle interventions for people with MS. Open access to NEU’s research can lead to better care and self-management for people with MS everywhere.  

This year we want to raise $14,000 to fund open access to four brand new pieces of research. One paper, which is awaiting publication in 2021, looked at a large international group of people with MS over 2.5 years and how following the Overcoming MS program helped to reduce the risk of developing depression. 

Last year, with our income hit hard by COVID-19, we had to cut our usual funding by 50% to $6,000 to publish two studies.  

We hope you will help us reverse this trend for 2021.  

Please donate now to help our work proceeds, including our independent research connection with the NEU, and donate to Overcoming MS today. Together we can help ensure that everyone can connect to the Overcoming MS program to help them lead a full and healthy life with MS.  

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