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Craig's story of recovery from MS

Craig Wheeler's story of courage and tenacity in adopting the OMS program and recovering is inspirational


Craig Wheeler was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the age of 32.

His symptoms started with severe double vision, followed by weak legs, paralysis from the waist down and blindness. Over the first few years doctors were unable to diagnose Craig, giving him eye drops for his double vision and sending him away despite his tendencies to fall over whilst walking down the street, due to poor balance.

“I was constantly requiring medical attention, and over the first four years doctors had no idea what was wrong with me.

When my MS was finally diagnosed I underwent chemotherapy, but doctors made it very clear that people do not usually recover from the symptoms I had, giving me little hope.

During this time I also attended The Gawler Foundation’s ‘Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis’ program, with my partner Janine, who suggested it could be more helpful."The program taught me a lot about meditation, the benefits of vitamin D and following a healthy diet plan.

These strategies helped me to recover. After taking the drugs that doctors prescribed, I found no relief, and they never worked, or I found that the side effects of the drugs were worse than my symptoms.When I started the healthy living approach advocated by The Foundation, I felt like I was taking control of my own destiny again, I wasn’t just waiting for a drug to heal me, I was able to help cure and heal myself with a positive attitude, lifestyle changes and meditation.”

Ten years later, Craig’s fitness levels improved dramatically. He was able to go running again, and he said he has a happy and active lifestyle and, feeling 100 per cent better.

“Before I started the program my symptoms got worse and worse, and although some medication helped, I was relapsing every three months and doctors just kept prescribing more drugs, but giving me no hope that I could recover.

If I hadn’t attended the Gawler Foundation program and taken their advice on board, I’d probably be in a nursing home now. Janine and I went back to The Foundation to get married, because that’s where our new lives started together.”


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