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Creating connections with the OMS community

A quick blog post from our Digital Manager, Lucy Noble, talking about our important work bringing the OMS Circles to the centre of our website.



Staying socially connected is an essential part of being human and provides a sense of belonging. Connections can be in person, but also online. As Digital Manager at OMS, I am passionate about finding ways to create a sense of community online.

Research has shown that social connectedness can improve well-being, and has a positive effect on physical and mental health. Developing the OMS community is a core goal part of our jobs - both online, through the Circles scheme, and through OMS events. 

Here at OMS, we have been developing a new Circles area for our website for several months now. We believe this is going to be vitally important, allowing people to stay connected via the web and most importantly feel involved. 

In the meantime, OMS’s social media channels, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the Circles via WhatsApp, both Facebook and Google Groups, and additionally our Forum, can provide a connection to other people with MS, or supporting someone with MS, locally and around the world. 

You can also stay connected with loved ones via FaceTime or other video calling, sharing a playlist, writing a postcard, an email or reading or commenting on a blog post. We are all going to need to find new ways to feel connected with each other, the important thing is to reach out, to be kind and remain resilient. And of course, join our OMS conversations and contact us if you need a friendly reply. 

As we consider social distancing for ourselves and loved ones, also think about keeping, resurrecting and making new social connections. 


Lucy Noble 

Digital Manager 

OMS circles
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Melanie (not verified)

Thanks for connection! I have had to move to New Zealand - what is the OMS support forum connection for us IN this commonwealth country, please?


HI Melanie - OMS operates world-wide, the Circles are located all over the world (we currently have three in New Zealand) the CIrcles netwrok in constantly growing. Our social media channels and forum are open for all too :) Hope this helps, Lucy

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