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14 December 2022

December’s Don’t Send Me A Card featured artist

Lori is our featured artist for the Don’t Send Me A Card e-cards in December. She shares her MS journey, how she sees nature as the perfect place for learning, healing and growth, and how she supports Overcoming MS.

On this page

I received my formal art training at New York State University, with a major in Advertising Art and Design. While my true passion was painting and drawing, I was counselled to not pursue fine art as a career because, “It did not pay”. I then went into advertising, and while I enjoyed the creative arts side of this, I quickly became frustrated by the monotonous jobs in the ad world of the late ’80s. Luckily I was able to move away from this and went on to enjoy a successful 30-year career in business marketing.

Although I managed creative teams and projects throughout my career, I had not returned to hands-on artwork until recently, and I have made it my goal to greatly expand my practice this coming year.

My MS journey

I was diagnosed with MS in 2005, while still working in an executive-level marketing position. I remained employed full-time until early 2021, when I began seeking volunteer opportunities to utilize my skills and my desire to give back and help others. When I found Overcoming MS through social media, I was intrigued and excited by the lifestyle approach to managing multiple sclerosis, as I had done this successfully on my own for over 15 years. I responded to a call for volunteers and have happily been a consultant to the Overcoming MS Digital team for the last two years. I’m also currently leading their Communications Advisory Group, which provides feedback and recommendations on Overcoming MS community initiatives.

Working with the Overcoming MS team has been tremendously rewarding, allowing me the opportunity to utilize my professional skills while helping others with multiple sclerosis to achieve better health and wellness. What better way to pursue your purpose than by working and learning within a community of people who share their individual journeys to support each other and live their best life?

Pinking of You

The photos that I submitted for this project are from my time living on the beach in Florida, USA. While struggling with complications from MS, I visited the ocean to relax, meditate and embrace the beauty and messages I received from nature. It was a special time of learning, healing, and growing. I still return to the beach as often as possible to gain this inspiration.

Blues at Sunrise

I believe that this ‘Early Morning’ collection of photographs perfectly relays the message of hope that is at the core of the Overcoming MS mission. Despite how we may be feeling, we can look forward to the sun rising the next day, presenting us with hope and endless opportunities to renew, refresh and focus our intentions on helping ourselves and others to heal, and to pursue health and happiness.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my journey and my gratitude towards Overcoming MS.

You can purchase e-cards through Don’t Send Me a Card featuring designs by Lori and other OMSers. All donations benefit the Overcoming MS mission of informing, supporting and empowering people affected by MS worldwide.