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Dr Terry Wahls shows that electrical stimulation improves function in progressive MS

Inspirational US physician Dr Terry Wahls, who got herself out of her wheelchair using electrical stimulation and an ultra-health diet, publishes the results of the electrical stimulation on people with progressive MS

Dr Terry Wahls is an inspiration. Not only has she turned her own life around, getting herself out of her wheelchair, but now she is publishing the results of applying similar therapy to a group of people with progressive MS. She used neuromuscular electrical stimulation on nine people with MS, seven with secondary progressive and two with primary progressive MS. Their average EDSS at the beginning of the study was 5.9, so they were very significantly disabled. They improved with the treatment by around 0.8 on the EDSS scale, a major improvement in ambulatory capacity.

Dr Wahls should be congratulated, not only for her tenacity in turning her own situation around, but in using her position in medicine to trial this in other people and publish the results, thus bringing this treatment within reach of the wider population of people with MS. 

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Michelle Kowalski (not verified)

not very useful at all to just have the abstract with no important details as to what the regime actually consisted of

Michelle Kowalski (not verified)

I take back that comment. I didn't see the PDF! Thanks so much!