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Eating fish is linked to lower risk of depression

Study authors conclude that research conducted in Europe shows that "high-fish consumption can reduce the risk of depression".

An interesting study published a few days ago looked at all the available evidence to date from 26 studies, and the authors conclude that studies conducted in Europe show that "high-fish consumption can reduce the risk of depression."

This follows another similar study published in 2014 that showed reduced risk of depression was associated with a healthy dietary pattern, characterised by high intake of fruits, vegetables, fish and whole grains.

This is relevant for people with MS as the majority of people with MS face depression at least once in their life. Our own research authored by Dr Keryn Taylor showed that HOLISM participants who "supplemented with omega 3s, particularly flaxseed oil, had frequent fish consumption, supplemented with vitamin D, meditated, and had moderate alcohol consumption had significantly reduced depression risk."

Please do keep in mind that not all fish is sustainably and ethically farmed and caught. So, what's for dinner tonight? 


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