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Editorial questions why we have no studies on high dose vitamin D preventing MS

A prominent Irish neurologist writing in the major international journal Multiple Sclerosis has queried why we have lots of drug company funded studies on MS drugs but none on preventing MS with high dose vitamin D

Writing in the pre-eminent MS journal Multiple Sclerosis, prominent Irish neurologist Dr Michael Hutchinson has queried why so much money and energy has gone into drug company sponsored studies on the pharmaceutical approach to MS, but we still have no study on preventing MS with high dose vitamin D.

This is despite the weight of accumulated evidence of the effect of vitamin D in MS over many years that should have prompted such a trial. Why can't academic neurologists and MS societies act in concert to meet such a clear need, he asks.

The OMS approach has all along been that we could be waiting an awfully long time if we do wait for a definitive answer from researchers. In the meantime, it makes perfect sense to supplement those at risk of developing MS (relatives of those with MS and people in certain geographical areas with little sun exposure) with vitamin D at suitable doses to get vitamin D levels above 100nmol/L.

There is no significant risk with this approach, and the benefits to individuals and society are likely to be enormous.

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