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ESPN: Around the world in seven days, Ted Jackson

Ted Jackson runs seven marathons in seven days in seven continents - the World Marathon Challenge - to raise money for Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis.

Reporter Jeremy Schapp follows Ted throughout his hectic week and, in the footage, gives an insight into the incredible physical task Ted had set himself - taking on the World Marathon Challenge.

Ted's goal was to run seven marathons in seven days in seven different continents as a fundraiser for the Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis charity.

An ambitious task for even an Olympian, Ted is laughingly dismissive of his training, diet and athletic ability. Ted's motivation was his wife Sophie. Diagnosed with MS in 2009, Sophie described herself as “feeling powerless and like a ticking timebomb” as she was told there was little that she could do to halt the progression of the disease.

But that all changed when she heard Professor George Jelinek speak at the Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis conference at the Amex stadium in Brighton in 2013. That day, he gave her hope and re-ignited her zest for life. Sophie started the program in 2013 and feels better than she has for a long time and remains symptom free.

Ted and Sophie feel passionately about the OMS charity and its work and Ted felt by completing his 7x7x7 marathon runs, he could raise awareness and much needed funds for the charity to help further its work.

The opera singing, fast-food loving father of four and devoted husband completed his seventh marathon of the World Marathon Challenge in Australia, enduring 183.4 miles, in all weathers, in a week. Ted, we salute you!


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