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A funny thing happened on the way to the neurologist

Shona's book is a light-hearted take on living with multiple sclerosis, and is available as of this month from Pink Cottage Publishing.

What a great take on trying to help those close to you understand what exactly MS ‘is’. Where discussions of demyelination and locations of lesions may leave some people a little in the dark about an MS diagnosis, not so for the friends and family of Shona Daubé, a New Zealand nurse who was diagnosed with the condition two years ago.

Given her job as a nurse, Shona was only too familiar with the horrors that can accompany MS and therefore decided to face her fears by viewing her new health challenges as funny stories, which she relayed to her friends and family in amusing emails.

Then over time, Shona decided to collate these emailed anecdotes and gather the stories together into a book, as a way of increasing the understanding of exactly what it means to live with MS ever further and also raising funds for the MS Society with any proceeds.

Her humorously-written book, A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Neurologist, is a light-hearted take on living with Multiple Sclerosis, and is available as of this month from

Shona now follows the OMS program, and attributes this to the significant alleviation of her MS condition and the improvement of her overall wellbeing, saying that she wants more people to know about Professor Jelinek's work.

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