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German Ambassador creates musical show and fundraises for OMS

Hamburg Ambassador, Linda, shares her story of diagnosis, finding OMS and then finding a new passion and turning it into a fundraising project for OMS.

When I look back on the last 5 years I cannot help but wonder about all the changes that I have been going through. After my diagnosis in 2014 I faced a rough time, being confronted with an insecure and daunting future and the overwhelming amount of information that I tried to process to understand this condition and make up a plan to deal with it. 

Finding OMS

I started instantly with eating according to a German lifestyle plan, but when I found OMS and attended a seminar in the UK, I was so convinced that I immediately decided to follow the OMS lifestyle and made the last adaptations. In the following years I followed the advice in the book very dedicatedly and my relapses stopped. 

With daily sports like yoga, physiotherapy with weights, inline-skating or zumba and dancing I am keeping fit and fortunately I  do not suffer a lot from my former relapses. Eating really healthy OMS friendly food, 30 minutes of daily meditation, Vitamin D/B12 and keeping a journal has become my new way of living and the funny thing about this is how good it feels to me. 

My most profound experience was the retreat in the UK in 2018 where I spent a life changing week in Ammerdown with amazing OMSers from various countries. The support from this group is still warming my heart. 

Finding a new path

However, as a mother of 4 almost grown up boys, my life was changing quicker than I wanted and my fulfilling and beloved "job" as a mother was obviously shrinking from day to day. 

So I was on the verge of searching for another meaningful purpose in my life. Luckily, my husband supported me from the beginning and backed my decision to spend my now growing leisure time for OMS, where I volunteered to be Germany's first ambassador, as well as pursuing my creative ideas more persistently. 

I have always loved to paint and sing and dance, and I feel really happy and alive each time I follow these impulses. So I decided to take a course in Complete Vocal Technique for one year to learn even more about singing than before. I told myself it makes even more sense for me because challenging the brain to learn new things is good for my MS. Dancing and learning lyrics, according to research, are all things which contribute to rewiring the brain! During this course I also learned something about flow and how the nerve system can be in a very healthy mode when you are experiencing "Flow" - something between boredom and being  stressed out. 

That was when I finally decided to start a huge project: go on stage with my own solo 2 hour show! I invented and wrote a story, bought outfits and wigs, rehearsed the songs I had chosen, found myself a wonderful piano player to accompany me, found a location to host the show and fixed the date. 

Then it occurred to me. In a way I was beginning a new chapter in my life and this would probably never have happened without OMS. For one thing, the feeling that I was stable enough again to tackle such a big and crazy project was due to the lifestyle change and the hope that my OMS-experience has given me. 

Fundraising for OMS

Since my MS diagnosis, the questions about life and what was on my ‘bucket list’ had become much more urgent to me. Consequently, I decided to donate the first three concerts' income  to OMS. For me it is the ideal way to fundraise because I am doing what I love and it feels filled with a good purpose while I give the money to OMS to help keep up the good work and support other pwMS who need more help than me now. 

I know not everyone will have the time or affinity to fundraise this way, but perhaps you have another hobby or dedication and while doing what you love you might have some time to turn it into  a fundraising project. Perhaps sell something you made, give a seminar or organise a comedy quiz night for donations to OMS? 

I do hope that my journey has only just begun and that I will have the opportunity to perform even more on stage, make people laugh, get to know new people, invent new shows and find people who support me. And I will work on making OMS more known in Germany to help others overcome their MS as efficiently as possible.

If you want to support me on social media or just see what I do:

Linda has raised an amazing €1950 for OMS from her first three shows - thank you Linda!

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