A heartwarming story in the Belfast Telegraph tells the inspirational story of solicitor Greg Hendron and wife Caroline. Greg was diagnosed when 36, although earlier MS symptoms had been evident but not recognised. He commented in the article:

"I was always totally healthy, then – bang! Illness never entered my head and there's no family history, although I later found out a distant cousin has MS."

Greg's balance went and speech was slurred, which prompted tests at a private Belfast clinic. When attending the clinic for his results, the consultant informed Greg he had MS and prescribed an immediate course of steroids – a follow-up appointment with an MS nurse suggested he would be on disease-modifying drugs for the rest of his life.

Greg was in pieces, but started the treatment – with reservations – while intently researching MS on the internet, and that in turn revealed the OMS website and Professor Jelinek's Recovery Program. He subsequently attended an OMS five-day retreat and fully embraced the OMS Program and now his diet is entirely plant based.

A commercial development from his belief in the importance of diet was the launch of a vegan restaurant with Caroline in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The couple refer to themselves as 'raw food rebels', promoting plant-based, dairy-free, gluten-free and refined sugar-free food. 

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