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"I have MS, MS does not have me."

17-year-old Abré lives in Cape Town, South Africa. After being diagnosed at age 14, Abré thought he would never leave hospital and live a normal life again but has found hope with the OMS program.

My story

My story started at the age of just 3, I went blind and could see nothing for 6 months. I started getting my sight gradually back after that 6 months. At that stage we did not know it was MS. 11 years later, at the age of 14, at the end of 8th grade when I was coming back from a hostel, I had a relapse.

My right leg started to feel numb and I could not wear a flip flop on my right foot but I thought it would pass overnight. The next morning when I woke up my whole right side was numb. That is when I started to get worried. We went to our local doctor, he said that it would pass in a week if not we should seek professional help from a specialist.

A week passed and my situation worsened so we went to a specialist. He admitted me into the hospital on a cortisone drip for 1 week. After that week I started to gain back the feeling in my right-hand side. We still did not know what was wrong with me.

I went for a follow up on my eyes and we told the doctor what had happened, she asked me to go to a MS specialist. So, we did and then we did a lot of tests. He shocked me and my parents with the news 6 December 2017. My whole world was turned upside down.

How I manage to live with MS

I have turned vegetarian due to my condition. I first saw that diet is important for MS on the OMS website and am loving every second of my journey. I do stretches every day of my life. I jog and gym to stay active. I take Tuvigion pills usually 1 a night but due to Covid 1 every second night to strengthen my immune system a bit.

My dreams

My dream is to live a normal life, to be successful in whatever I do and A great husband to my wife and father for my children. I just want to be happy. I hope that I am on the right path and will not have any more massive relapses.

My motto is, “I have MS, MS does not have me.”

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