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"I have MS, MS does not have me."

17-year-old Abré lives in Cape Town, South Africa. After being diagnosed at age 14, Abré thought he would never leave hospital and live a normal life again but has found hope with the OMS program.

My story

My story started at the age of just 3, I went blind and could see nothing for 6 months. I started getting my sight gradually back after that 6 months. At that stage we did not know it was MS. 11 years later, at the age of 14, at the end of 8th grade when I was coming back from a hostel, I had a relapse.

My right leg started to feel numb and I could not wear a flip flop on my right foot but I thought it would pass overnight. The next morning when I woke up my whole right side was numb. That is when I started to get worried. We went to our local doctor, he said that it would pass in a week if not we should seek professional help from a specialist.

A week passed and my situation worsened so we went to a specialist. He admitted me into the hospital on a cortisone drip for 1 week. After that week I started to gain back the feeling in my right-hand side. We still did not know what was wrong with me.

I went for a follow up on my eyes and we told the doctor what had happened, she asked me to go to a MS specialist. So, we did and then we did a lot of tests. He shocked me and my parents with the news 6 December 2017. My whole world was turned upside down.

How I manage to live with MS

I have turned vegetarian due to my condition. I first saw that diet is important for MS on the OMS website and am loving every second of my journey. I do stretches every day of my life. I jog and gym to stay active. I take Tuvigion pills usually 1 a night but due to Covid 1 every second night to strengthen my immune system a bit.

My dreams

My dream is to live a normal life, to be successful in whatever I do and A great husband to my wife and father for my children. I just want to be happy. I hope that I am on the right path and will not have any more massive relapses.

My motto is, “I have MS, MS does not have me.”

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nicole “olla” (not verified)

so powerful x you are a true inspiration for many people much love

Susan Naylor (not verified)

Abre. I think facing this at such a young age has been very tough for you. But you have shown enormous courage and determination. I was diagnosed 31 years ago and am convinced that leading a vegetarian lifestyle( almost vegan) has reduced my relapses in severity and in frequency. My advice is to do as much as you can for as long as you can and never let it beat you. Stay positive. You are an inspiration to all of us. Keep up the good work.

Michael Maaß (not verified)

My neurologist told me that Covid19 has had a rather mild course of disease for MS patients. He said that having a somewhat weak/suppressed immune system is beneficial because your immune system can't attack your lungs as hard (which is apparently what happens, if you have Covid19).
If you haven't already, maybe you'd best consult your doctor if the change in your medication is the correct move.

Ian Wright. (not verified)

Reading this will give hope to some people and I hope many. It’s a very scary journey we are on. OMS has helped me focus, prepare and continue with my journey with the support of my family. Reading your story tells me lots of things about you as a person.
Keep strong my friend.