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I'm an OMSer, don't get me out of here

Rowan is a nurse living in the UK. She shares her thoughts and feelings surrounding COVID-19 anxiety.

I wondered whether I was the right person to write a blog about the COVID-19 Anxiety, as my own is pretty high. Then I thought, maybe that makes me a good candidate for the task. A chance to find solidarity amongst us in these unprecedented times.

In the space of just a few months, we’ve gone from our distracted, busy lives to being told that we are in lockdown. The human brain instinctively resists change, and we have suddenly all been thrown into a world of the unknown and expected to find our way through. Widespread anxiety is inevitable.

But, through the challenges that so many countries are facing, look at how far we have come. Truly wonderful and inspiring glimmers of the human spirit can be seen glittering like the stars in the clear night sky. 

I have been brought to tears and genuinely humbled by the kindness of strangers, seeing communities come together and boost the morale of those around us.

Throughout all levels of society, the instinctively caring nature of the human race is showing through. From companies delivering food to the emergency and frontline services, priority shopping times for the elderly at supermarkets, and flowers for NHS staff at the checkout, to strangers offering to bring round home cooked meals or shopping to those who need support, to messages of love and kindness from distant family, old friends and acquaintances. And it’s incredible. I have never experienced this electrical energy before, living in a city where you wouldn’t introduce yourself to neighbours. I feel, almost tangibly, a revival of the Wartime Spirit, and that we are genuinely coming together, for each other, in this time of need. 

Self distancing and isolation can feel overwhelming, but through the internet and technology, it is so easy to connect with so many others feeling exactly the same as you. Tap in to this. We are all in it together. 

Time will continue, and this will end. We just need to all sit tight and weather this storm.

We need to depend on each other when we feel most alone. Kindness and understanding will prevail, through uncertainty, fear and anxiety. 

Kindness can be practiced anywhere, at any time. Let us all join together, build friendships and engage in our communities. Let us have respect for everyone going through their own personal journeys, and pass forward a little kindness.

We are all part of this war, and we will come out the other side. Just hold tight.

Stay safe, stay well and please, please stay at home.

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