I created these paintings because I wanted to show the importance, for people who have MS to stay grounded and have their heads in the right space. I wanted these imaginary blooms to illustrate that we can thrive when we follow the OMS approach.


I had the bad habit of keeping my art in the closet and stacking pieces up out of the way so I could make room for new pieces. Neither organising nor archiving, and certainly not marketing, were part of my skill-set. I just cared about making art. Showing my work made me feel shy and exposed. Enquiries about purchasing my work would always take me aback, as that was not the primary reason I had made the work. In recent years, as my energy has dwindled, I have found that this is more true than before. Making the work is a privilege. Sharing the work is an honour.

I live in Quebec, where I used to teach English as a Second Language to francophones. Our local MS society is a proponent of many of the evidence and science based approaches put forward by Dr Jelinek. Unfortunately, the language barrier means that many of my compatriots are not familiar with all of the OMS resources. I'll do the best I can locally!

This link will take you to the shop Redbubble has created for me. All 12 of my OMS flower images are on sale here and 80% of the profits will be used to encourage the lifestyle changes as implemented by the OMS programme either internationally or locally.

Here are some of my pictures (titles below) 

1. Quiet Soul (À voir/ âme paisible)

2. Reaching Up (Lancée en légèreté d'être)

3. Please (S'il vous plait)

4. Sweet Sixteen (Souvenir de ses seize ans)

5. Seaside Blue (Bleu bord de mer)

6. Enthusiastic Blooms (Fleurs volubiles)

7. Flower Danse (Ronde de Fleurs)

8. Blooms of Hope (Fleurir l'espoir)

9. Yes! to Thriving! (Vue d'un "Oui" optimiste)

10. Blue Skies from Now On (Avenir: ciel d'azur )

11. Moving with the Wind (Danse dans le vent) 

12. La vie en rose

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Des Rodgers (not verified)

Beautiful paintings they remind me off my garden, a paradise when alone. Thank you for sharing. It says you are in Canada. The best holidays I have had in life where in the Canadian rockies photographing bears and Vancouver is my favourite place, again thank you. Des

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Lee Duncan (not verified)

Thanks Catherine for sharing your beautiful work and approach to art. It has inspired me to get painting again. Getting creative is a buzz, so what am I waiting for?!

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Grazina Berry (OMS CEO) (not verified)

Such stunning paintings, vibrant colours - they make the soul sing! Thank you Catherine, for sharing your beautiful work with our community x

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