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Immunisations not associated with increased MS risk

After several smaller studies suggesting some increased risk of developing MS with some vaccines, a recent meta-analysis has shown that none of the commonly used vaccines raises risk, and some lower it

There have been a few studies suggesting an increased risk of developing MS after vaccination with some of the commonly used vaccines. Hepatitis B vaccination has caused the greatest concern. Many of these studies have been small or lacked precision. This large meta-analysis of published trials on vaccination with the common vaccines and subsequent risk of developing MS should allay any fears about vaccination for people with MS and their relatives.

The study showed no increased risk after vaccination for BCG, hepatitis B, measles-mumps-rubella, polio, typhoid, or influenza. Interestingly, there was a decreased risk of developing MS after vaccination for diphtheria (40% reduction) and tetanus (32% reduction). There was also no increase in relapse rate for people with MS after getting the flu vaccine. This should be very reassuring for people with MS seeking to protect their children from these transmissible diseases.

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