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Inspiration for spring awakening and healing

OMS volunteer Lori shares her thoughts on using Reki and yoga to break her vicious MS cycle.

Inspiration for spring awakening and healing

“Life often gives us opportunities for self-care and self-discovery. They could be viewed as the dark times, the heavy times, the times when we are alone in our hibernation. Sometimes this is seasonal, such as Winter, sometimes this is due to injury or initial illness diagnosis, and then it could be the utmost challenge of the unexpected, such as the pandemic with seclusion. 

These times serve a great purpose. We are stopped in our tracks to feel ourselves once again. To deal with the uncomfortable, to heal the subconscious unknown. It is the perfect time to go inward and process for a rebirth so to speak – like the coming of Spring. Simply put when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” ** 

These are the words that were sent to me from a friend who I recently reconnected with through the vast opportunities of the new “virtual-ness” of 2020.  As a voracious student of all things natural and organic health related, I stumbled upon her interview on a Health Podcast. She discussed rebirth, renewal and turning inward for enhanced healing, energy, and overall wellness. Well, what MSer wouldn’t be interested in learning more about ways to expedite healing and energy?!   

I reached out and we chatted about her work with Reiki ,Yoga and Meditation and how they work together to balance the energetic body, emotional body and physical body.  Again, as MSers – we deal constantly with a severe lack of communication between these 3 key areas – tell me more!  

While I knew about and admired her passion for her practice, somehow this conversation and timing resonated in a way never before. You see, I had been struggling with gut wrenching fatigue, extreme brain fog, and escalating MS symptoms that would not go away for nearly a year – causing great stress and negative effects on my career and personal relationships. Up until now, I had managed my MS diagnosis for over 15 years relatively successfully. Sure, it “relapsed and remitted” often and morphed in “progressing” – but overall, I consider myself fortunate to have been able to - for the most part - continue my demanding career, fitness routines and lifestyle. 

Now was different – and the constant internal conversation of “WHY?!  WHAT AM I DOING WRONG…” was causing more stress and of course – thereby escalating my symptoms. Vicious MS Cycle! 

“The beautiful thing about Reiki practice is that it strips the bodies down to the ultimate connection to nature and to all living beings. The recognition of the oneness, that we are all made of the same carbon atoms. We are all light beings and light and energy is all around us. The simplicity of it allows us to understand how important natural flow is and how disruptive blockages can be that can lead to disease.” ** 

It became apparent that it was my time – the student was ready. I now attend her weekly virtual yoga classes with a 1:1 check in focused on enhanced understanding and guidance. I have been certified in Reiki I and engage in daily meditation. I have learned that my “healing journey” needs to focus on much more than my MS issues and that with daily ongoing “practice” I am able to funnel and “smooth” my energy pathways towards more life enhancing areas. 

I’m still learning but the change has been remarkable. What I considered “normal” – things like lying in bed exhausted just from taking a shower, staring at a document and realizing that I’ve read the same information over and over and have no clue as to what I’ve read – are normal no more. My husband says that I am “lighter”. I see colors and nature more vividly. But more importantly, I no longer agonize over “what I have done wrong”, or what I did to “deserve” what was happening to my physical state. I am now empowered to be an active participant in my own healing journey – with new knowledge and enlightenment of how to get there.   

Loris' reiki/yoga teacher, Constance Korol, is more than happy to offer OMS readers a free consultation. Click here to learn more.

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Hi Lori, I have also found much healing with yoga, meditation and Reiki. I am currently certified Reiki Level 2 and plan on becoming a Reiki Master at some point in the future. Your piece is beautifully written - thank you for sharing. Namaste :)

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Lori O. (not verified)

Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement! Namaste

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