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05 June 2023

Introducing: the Live Well Hub

We are very excited to announce a brand-new Overcoming MS app!

Over the last year, the Overcoming MS Team has been working with the community to understand how we can support our Circles and the wider community better.

We are now very excited to announce we will be launching an Overcoming MS app called the Live Well Hub!

What is the Live Well Hub?

The Live Well Hub will host all our Circles, making it a much more user-friendly, engaging, and exciting space to connect with your Circle. It is easy to use on mobile phones and can also be used on desktop if you prefer not to use apps, so there is an option for everyone to join.

In addition, it will be a hub for the whole community to come together, whether you are in a Circle or not, to support each other, connect with others living well with MS, and most importantly to provide hope for a full life with MS.


How did the Live Well Hub come about?

Our Community Engagement Team have been working with our Ambassadors and Circle members to understand what they need to be able to connect with their Circles better. We have listened to community feedback through surveys, focus groups and Ambassador check-ins and we know from these that the current platform (Circles Online) doesn’t meet the needs of our community.

We worked with volunteers from across the Overcoming MS community to find a platform that would make it easier for the community to connect with each other. We wanted to create a space for people following Overcoming MS to come together and share resources, questions, and tips. After trialing the platform, our volunteers told us:

“I liked that it had a community feel to it”.

“I enjoyed the fact that it’s an app and I can access Overcoming MS content with more privacy”.

“It felt like a step into a present-day web portal and will bring the charity in line with other virtual communities”.

We’d love as many of you as possible to join the Live Well Hub, so that you have the best possible support network throughout your MS journey.

How we chose the name of the Live Well Hub

We wanted the name of our brand-new platform to be positive, empowering and to reflect our values. We worked with our digital focus group to come up with the name to ensure that it would connect with our diverse community.

We chose ‘Live Well’ because, at Overcoming MS, we want to empower people to look after their own mental and physical wellbeing so they can live well with MS.

We chose ‘Hub’ as we want this app to be a central place for the whole community to connect with each other.

We decided not to include ‘Overcoming MS’ in the name, as we know that some people keep their MS diagnosis more private than others, and might not want this displayed on their phone.

When will we be able to download the Live Well Hub?

Over the next few weeks, we will be sending you further information about the app and how you can join, as well as answering all the questions you might have. Watch this space for more details coming soon.

We look forward to seeing you in the Live Well Hub!