When I first got my diagnosis I could not walk without symptoms, then as time went on it was only noticeable when I ran.

Now I play soccer, basketball and cycle everyday with rarely any symptoms at all. This is thanks to people like Dr. George Jelinek and Dr. Roy Swank who share their knowledge and provide light in a dimly lit tunnel, they show how you can help yourself without medication.

I now strongly believe that nutrition, exercise and meditation is the most important medicine of all. There’s no knowing what the future will bring, in truth all that matters is the present.

I now see my condition in a totally different light. It’s changed the way I live my life, before my diagnosis I had worked myself into the ground, I was constantly on the go, trying to achieve enough to justify myself as ‘successful’. Now I take a lot more time to focus on well-being, compassion and living a less selfish life. My diagnosis was and is essential to my journey. I now feel a better understanding of why I am here and how to live in balance.

Mark Billy