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15 May 2024

Join the 300 Challenge – your challenge, your way!

As we launch our first challenge fundraising event this June, we wanted to share more about the campaign and why we’d love you to get involved!

What’s the story behind the 300 Challenge?

Every day, 300 people are diagnosed with MS across the world. This is a huge number of people who are getting the news from their healthcare provider, processing what having MS means for them, and going through the diagnosis journey along with all the emotions, challenges and questions that come with it.

We want to be able to reach more people at the point of diagnosis or as close to it as possible. To be there for them to provide hope that a full life with MS is possible through making healthy lifestyle choices, and providing them with the tools to do so.

This is how the 300 Challenge was created, in order to reach more of those 300 people receiving an MS diagnosis every day, we need your help! By joining our fundraising challenge this June and aiming to raise £300 or as much as you’re able to, you can help us raise much-needed funds to continue to carry out the work that we do.

Help more people change their lifestyle to live well with MS

Your challenge, your way – join us for the 300 Challenge and you’ll be helping to support more people with MS across the world. We know there isn’t a cure for MS, but together we can empower, inspire and motivate people globally to take control of their health.

Also, taking on a personal challenge can have huge benefits for your mental wellbeing and could even help you form new healthy habits. There are lots of ways to choose a challenge that feels right for you, perhaps there’s a particular pillar of the Program you find difficult that could form part of your challenge, eg if it’s Meditation you find hard to adopt why not aim for 3 minutes of meditation a day, or 3 mindful moments a day? Or if Exercise has been a struggle for you, why not pick a challenge that keeps you active in a way that works for you?

How do I sign up?

Head to the 300 Challenge page where you’ll find clear steps on how to sign up, from filling in our challenge form, to creating your Justgiving page and staying motivated throughout June, we’re here to support you each step of the way! If you need assistance with signing up just email us at [email protected].

What does fundraising mean to you?

That feeling of taking on a personal challenge, contributing to a special cause and being able to give back can be hard to put into words. We asked Dr Jonathan White, who is currently undertaking a 600-mile cycle to fundraise for Overcoming MS, to share his motivation with us:

“I want to prove to myself and our community that a completely average 40-year-old, living with MS for the best part of a decade, can challenge himself physically and mentally, and achieve something just a little bit special.”

Here are what some of our other amazing fundraisers have shared:

“I was diagnosed with MS last April and I was lucky enough to find the Overcoming MS charity and all the wonderful advice it offers. Overcoming MS shone a light of positivity and hope for me post diagnosis, and after following the lifestyle and dietary advice, I feel like I now have some control back in my life. I wanted to do something to raise awareness of this brilliant charity and so I’m running the Brighton Marathon in April – nearly a year to the day since my diagnosis. I hope to also raise some funds through donations to support the invaluable work that Overcoming MS do to support people like me”.

“This year our charity was Overcoming MS.  Overcoming MS has special meaning to one of our group, as her husband suffers from MS, and he has appreciated receiving ongoing help and support from Overcoming MS, so we were really glad to be able to support a charity that helped and means a lot to one of our lovely community.”

What difference does my donation make?

Any donation big or small makes a huge difference to how we can support people with MS to take control of their wellbeing. Here are just some examples of where your donation can help someone:

  • £3 pays for 20 people to listen to an informative podcast episode with expert guests sharing their advice and tips, or pays for a webinar attendee to join one of our popular webinars with healthcare professionals or wellbeing experts who provide a wealth of important information for people with MS.
  • £30 pays for 10 people to attend a webinar, or pays for two people to attend all the webinars in a season
  • £300 pays for four people to attend a sought-after in-person Pop-up event, where guest speakers, volunteers, community members and the Overcoming MS team come together to connect, get guidance, support and advice in person.
  • £300 also pays for one of our expert facilitators to attend a conference with healthcare professionals, to share information about the importance of lifestyle factors with MS and how the Overcoming MS Program can help people with MS.
  • We also create a huge number of resources to support people with MS who are making healthy lifestyle changes, from guided meditation videos, to exercise classes and recorded sessions, useful downloads, free livestream events with inspiring expert speakers and an online community network to connect with thousands of other people wanting to live a positive and healthy life with MS.


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