Alex Twersky, Marketing and Communications Manager, talks about his journey taking Living Well with MS, the OMS podcast, from concept to launch in less than six months.

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I have worked with OMS for more than six years, apply my quarter century (my, I feel a bit ancient writing that) of marketing and communications experience to advancing our mission. Every day we get just a little bit closer to our goal of sharing the impact the 7 Step Recovery Program can have on the health of more and more people with MS around the globe, and it’s a wonderful feeling, both personally and professionally, to play a small role in that progress. 

Over the course of the same six years, I have discovered another passion: podcasts. Whether driving, exercising, or just enduring a long metro ride in a crowded train car, podcasts became a portal to new world, full of interesting stories, vivid characters and deep dimensions of thought, and sometimes all in one. So, in one of our brainstorming sessions, I swallowed my Adam’s apple-sized anxiety and proposed that we launch one ourselves, and the journey began.

That was in mid-2018, and over the course of the next several months, we mounted a search for a host from within the OMS community (kudos to Geoff Allix here, though admittedly the choice was impossibly hard with several great candidates), scratched our heads over what to call it (you all know the winning entry), consulted with podcasting gurus on how to structure the program, created a content calendar to span one year’s worth of episode, lined up a fantastic roster of guests and dived into the deep end of the pool with recording and editing our first episodes. 

As the Producer of the Living Well with MS podcast, I am proud to say that we are now 7 episodes in, so I thought it fitting to write this little paean to all of the people who have helped make our effort a success. We are growing our listenership with every episode, securing luminous guests from the world of MS research (keep an eye out for Dr. Gavin Giovannoni, premiering on October 2, 2019) and offering a platform for OMSers to share their stories. I’m very proud of the team that works on this program, from our host to our digital team, from our guests to our editing crew, and most of all, the audience who tunes in faithfully to honor the work we all do on a program that means so much to all of us. 

Producing the show is quite a bit of work, but given how important its mission is, every last bit of is has been deeply satisfying. We are already hard at work preparing Season 2 of the podcast, set to start in January 2020, but there’s plenty more of Season 1 left to enjoy and learn from, so I’d personally encourage everyone reading this to listen, subscribe wherever you get your favorite podcasts, review us on Apple Podcasts and spread the word. 

Alex Twersky


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