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05 May 2022

May’s Don’t Send Me A Card featured artist

Marah Francesca Beach photographs daily life through a unique perspective, inspired by movement and the relationship between Earth and people.

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About Marah

Marah is a 24-year-old artist based the US. She graduated from Ohio University where she studied psychology and fine art. In her art courses, she focused in ceramics where she found the flow state at the potter’s wheel. Apart from one darkroom course in high school, her work in photography has been self-taught. Marah also likes to express herself through poetry and hopes to release her first book soon. Outside of her art career, she is a certified yoga instructor and loves to spend time in nature. 

Marah and OMS

Marah’s learned about Overcoming MS through her sister, and has followed the Overcoming MS program since shortly after her diagnosis. Marah does not have MS, but does have another autoimmune disease. She is currently on a quest to heal her body from chronic pain and follows very similar pillars to OMS to feel her best. Rest, diet, and minimizing stress have been crucial for her to heal her improperly functioning immune system.

“The Not-So-Secret Ingredient”

To Marah, balance is everything. Especially the balance between movement and rest. Nature is the perfect place for either. Whether she is walking in the forest, swimming in the sea or simply being, spending time outdoors is incredibly healing. Specifically, when skin-to-earth contact is made with bare feet to Earth’s surface. When she is indoors, she enjoys using a grounding/earthing mat as much as possible during the day and every night while she sleeps. 

Yoga is a part of Marah’s daily life because it is a mindful practice and can be adapted easily to any energy and ability level. Yoga is made up of pranayama (breath work) and asanas (poses). Marah has learned to listen closely to her body, accept it, love it, and treat it with kindness. A gentle stretch might be perfect one day, while something more aerobic may feel great the next. Remember, yoga is not a workout. It’s a work in. 

“Ever Changing Surprises”

Meditation is part of Marah’s daily practice. She currently uses the app Insight Timer, which is free. She tells us that she has learnt how meditation can be used as a tool to restructure the brain. Living with chronic pain can be very distracting and cause just as much mental pain as it does physical. So, Marah practices living in the moment and remembers Ram Dass’s words, “Be Here Now.”

Marah wishes peace to all on their healing journeys. Her portfolio can be viewed at

You can purchase e-cards through ‘Don’t Send Me a Card’ featuring designs by Marah and other OMS supporters. All donations benefit the Overcoming MS mission of informing, supporting and empowering people affected by MS worldwide.

If you would like your artwork and story featured, please email [email protected]