My name is Lisa Ortiz, I live in New York City, you can join my Circle by clicking here


I was diagnosed in February 2020, this was when I had my first critical relapse. Although I had been experiencing minimal symptoms two years prior to this, this was the confirmation. I had lost vision, had active lesions and suffered through chronic pain. This is when I knew.

My Journey Towards OMS

I did not discover OMS until 2021, I spent a whole year with my diagnosis, scared, confused and worried that I would not be able to mentally hold everything that was going on with my condition and my lifestyle. I found OMS when I started researching books on chronic illness.

I came across the Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis book on Amazon and found out about the 7 step program. I immediately drew attention to it and was able to read it and found many benefits. Then I found the website and signed up and started reading and researching all the information I could find and started following the program.

Some of the benefits of the program that helped me were diet, exercise and meditation. It was very crucial for me to incorporate some type of workout in my routine due to the chronic pain I was having, it had a huge positive change in my life. Meditation was harder for me but beneficial because it was something new for me. With time I learned to incorporate it in my daily life which brings relaxing measures.

Why I chose to be a Ambassador

I've always advocated for my condition, since I've been diagnosed it has been a tough journey. I am an upcoming social media influencer so one of my gifts was my voice. Being able to speak to people and educate them on something they weren't aware of is valuable. Especially when others are going through it and have no source or no one to talk to.

This was my goal, to reach out to people who needed that education or even someone to talk to. I wanted to be there. When I realized I could do this within the OMS community I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. A bigger group where I can also meet others who also have a strong voice, where I and other people can find the support we need.

My Circle

I did not come into the program with an initial plan. I am the first person to have created a group in New York City. But my goal for my circle is to provide as much empathy and support I can possibly give. I want others who are in the same boat to know that you are not alone, that the help and the guidance is here. You just need to find it but it's here. It's here for you to take and incorporate in the best way possible to help you and guide you through this tough time.

It’s always important to connect with others so that you feel guided in all aspects when you feel lost. I want to encourage everyone in my group that we are the strength we need and with each other we are strength.

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