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Mindfulness and meditation recommended resources

OMS facilitator Phil Startin presented an insightful webinar 'Reducing Stress through meditation and mindfulness' as part of our Refresh with OMS series. Here are some of the helpful resources mentioned in his webinar, including a link to watch the session back.

Guided Meditations 

  • Tara Brach and Sarah Salzberg are both renowned compassion/metta teachers and have helpful meditations. 

  • There are thousands of guided mediations available on the Insight Timer app.  

Phil’s Favorite Meditation Books 

  • “Full Catastrophe Living”, Piatkus, by Jon Kabat-Zinn.  All about the MBSR course by one of the founding figures in modern secular mindfulness. 
  • “The art of meditation”, Atlantic Books, by Matthieu Ricard. 
  • “A mindfulness-based stress reduction workbook”, New Harbinger Publications, by Stahl & Goldstein. A way to teach yourself meditation. 
  • “Breath by Breath”, Shamabala Classics, by Larry Rosenberg. All you need to know about how to meditate with the breath, coming from a Buddhist perspective. 
  • “Hardwiring happiness”, Random House, by Rick Hanson. The link between neuroscience and meditation. 
  • “Mindfulness”, Routledge, ed Williams & Kabat-Zinn. A collection of somewhat academic articles from Contemporary Buddhism. 
  • “Wholeness and the Implicate Order”, Routledge, by David Bohm. A different interpretation of quantum mechanics but with a surprising connection to mindfulness. 
  • “Living with the enemy”, Routledge, Ray Owen. About acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) with more on values and goals. 
  • “Awakening the mind”, Tarcher Penguin, Anna Wise. A slightly different approach using visualizations and looking at brain wave frequency. 

 Retreats (UK-centric) 

  • Gaia House, a well-regarded UK insight meditation center. 

  • London Insight Centre, another good insight meditation center, linked to Spirit Rock in the US.  

  • Links to Buddhist (Triratna) retreat centers in Europe. 

  • Vipassana (insight) meditation, offering a 10-day free retreat at various locations globally.  

Reducing Stress through meditation and mindfulness webinar (recorded 2nd June 2020)

Refresh with OMS
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